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About SCE

The Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE)´s goal is to nurture entrepreneurial thinking and action through education and business start-up support measures. The range of education and research programmes combine practical knowledge and personal development in an interdisciplinary setting. Startup activities offer guidance from idea development to innovation, incubation etc... Outreach...

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Strascheg Award Gewinner und Nominierungen

Gewinner und Nominierungen des Strascheg Award 2016 und des EU-XCEL Sonderpreises: Am 25.10. wurden im Rahmen des International E'ship Day die Gewinner des Strascheg Award, dem Ideenwettbewerb der Hochschule München, bekannt gegeben und prämiert. Die Preisverleihung des Strascheg Award fand im Falk F. Strascheg Saal, R. 0.62 in der Lothstraße 64 statt. Erstmalig fand zudem die Verleihung des EU-XC...

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SCE qualification offerings are team and practice-oriented as well as interdisciplinary, and require participants‘ full commitment. These include curricular seminars, real-life projects and lectures which are integrated into a wide variety of study programmes ranging from international summer schools and creative compact workshops to the one-year certificate.

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Start-Up Support

SCE Start-up Support is about providing assistance to individuals and teams pursuing their own entrepreneurial ventures. Experienced consultants are provided along with work space at the university incubator, a project budget and access to outside experts for addressing special issues. Support is available for business ideas of any type or in any industry.

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The SCE conducts research in the fields of innovation management and entrepreneurship and realises its own applied research projects. The SCE and MUAS hold international conferences and training seminars.

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SCE and MUAS are members of several international networks, and involve international students, professors, partners and businesses in qualification and research programs. Start-up teams receive support in the university incubator.

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Network & Partners

Regional, national and international partnerships with universities, businesses and institutions are of high priority at the SCE. This inter-networking yields cocreation, collaborative innovation processes and solid projects and concepts in the area of learning, start-up support or research.

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Events & Dates

Im Rahmen dieser Veranstaltungsreihe laden wir zwei- bzw. dreimal im Semester Unternehmerpersönlichkeiten an das SCE ein, die unsere Studierenden, Gründerteams, Stipendiaten und Gäste aus Wirtschaft und Industrie mit ihrem Werdegang – anhand eines Vortrag und einer anschließenden Podiumsdiskussion - bereichern.

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