Current Teams of Start-up-League

Under the SCE Proto-Support programme, teams receive more intensive coaching and are inducted into the Start-up-League. These teams also have access to financial and material resources, facilities and the infrastructure fo MUAS.

This six-month support programme features an intermediate evaluation after three months as well as a final evaluation.

Continuing education offerings are available as well during the support phase in addition to consuting, and entrepreneurs also get office space in downtown Munich with the necessary infrastructure and project-related respources (e.g. prototypes, patents, certifications), approved on a case-by-case basis. The SCE provides assistance to continue the project after the support phase ends (for example by applying for government grants).

All these services are provided free of charge. This programme receivessupport from the Federal Minsitry fo Economics and Technology and the SCE, which is funded by the Falk F. Strascheg Foundation.

In total, the Start-up-League comprises approximately 15 teams which are funded by the Proto-Support Program, an EXIST-founders-scholarship or EXIST-research-transfer.


Mcubus (PROTO-Förderprogramm)
3D-printing still is quite complex and expensive. Mcubus wants to change that, by leveraging innovative technologies to bring a better user experience to the end users. 3D-printing will be enhanced by a better ease-of-use and by bringing down costs of running a 3D-printer. The first product will enable the customer to produce their own filament individually and just-in-time: The Re-Fila. 
Room Co-Working
eM-brace (PROTO-Förderprogramm)
eM-brace is a new generation of baby monitor that transforms the audio baby monitor into a state of the art connected smart device. 
ROOM W-1.10
NextGrad (PROTO-Förderprogramm) 
NextGrad is an on-boarding platform for university students. We provide students with online tutorials from industry experts, projects relevant to their career goals, and the opportunity to connect with recruiters. NextGrad works with employers as a recruitment tool based on a match-making process that connects talented students to relevant positions. 
Room W-1.20b

BiRN (PROTO-Förderprogramm)
Nowadays customers are used to have a variety of information and product tests and quality labels on the environmental and sustainability performance when buying new products such as cars, phones or whitewares. Despite the fact that purchasing a new home is usually the most significant investment in our live, the availability of independent sustainability labels still is strongly limited on the German building market. The development of the National German Standard „Assessment System for Sustainable Small Residential Homes (BNK)” for one to five living units was a trendsetting approach promoting higher sustainability and transparency for the residential building market. The goal of the “Building-Institute for Resource Efficiency and Sustainability (BiRN)“ is to introduce a certification agency which manages the sustainability assessment process of the BNK-System in Germany. “BiRN” therefore will be officially authorized by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) and in parallel act as one of the representatives of the German “BNK” sustainability assessment standard.
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3dTrust (Proto-Förderprogramm) 
With the development of 3D printing, current supply chains will be disrupted; goods will no longer be shipped as physical objects but will travel as digital files until being produced locally by subsidiaries, partners or customers equipped with a 3D printer. 3dTrust ensures the secure transfer of your digital files by providing a digital supply network. Our network uses a streaming technology which enables communication with distant 3D printers while maintaining control over your products and design files. 
Room Co-Working
timeBro (Proto-Förderprogramm) 
timeBro is an innovative Time Tracking Software. It identifies working hours by algorithm and assigns them to the respective projects automatically. So timeBro takes daily estimating and filling of timesheets from employees. All they have to do is check and maybe edit timeBro’s suggestions for total hours at the end of the week. Then they just forward the data to the company’s ERP. That way the management gets realistic total hours for project planning while saving lots of time for everyone.

ugly fruits (Proto-Förderprogramm)
Our goal is to (re-)open the perceptions and expectations of people towards all shapes of organic fruits and vegetables that nature produces and create new distribution channels for the previously sorted out produces. In close collaboration with the producers we market the “crooked” fruits and vegetables to food retailers and restaurants. Thus customers can directly act against food waste by buying ugly fruits or preferring restaurants that use ugly fruits.

Toposens (EXIST Gründerstipendium)
The startup Toposens developes a revolutionary, energy-efficient sensor system that enables a new method of 3D scanning in real-time. Revolutionary hardware arrangement and completely new position determination algorithm enables the intelligent 3D-sensor to capture his surroundings by ultrasound and to simultaneous convert the point cloud-data in a digital image. The sensor system has applications in various industries. 
Room W-1.20a

WheeLock (Proto-Förderprogramm)
wheeLock develops a quick release for wheels and saddles which can be secured by a combination lock. This is an innovative combination of flexibility and security. The flexibility of the quick release remains, while at the same time, the wheels and the saddle are theft-proof. 
Room W-1.20

MoodPoem (Proto-Förderprogramm)
We want to place an interactive and aesthetically differentiated product in the Mood Light sector called something like Mood Box. We combine chromatic filters with LED and a special method that enables us to produce a versatile product. The product can generate a new light experience for the customer, thus the customer can interact more intense with light in space.
Room Co-Working II  
MicroPlast-X (Proto-Förderprogramm)
MicroPlast-X is planning to implement a innovative process solution for the integrated separation of micro plastic particles from municipal and industrial waste water treatment plant effluents. 
Room Co-Working II
CISBI (Proto-Förderprogramm)
CISBI – The Fitness E-Bike for a workout on the way to work. Different to other bicycles, the muscular system of the whole upper body can be used for driving. The bike can be driven and navigated at once, cause of a special designed kinematic. 
Room Co-Working I
PolyAxNail (EXIST-FT-Förderprogramm) 
The PolyAxNail will set a new benchmark in the surgical treatment of long bone fractures. It accords to a common intramedullary nail with the possibility to adapt to the given anatomy and fracture line intraoperatively. The innovative targeting device guarantees the surgeon an intuitive and easy handling with an optical scaling serving as a feedback for the chosen orientation. True angle stable fixation is reached by blocking the screws with a single set screw. 
Room W-1.18 and W-1.09b