Real Projects is an educational format of the Munich University of Applied Science, the entrepreneurial thinking and practice through interdisciplinary projects taught to provide students with access to excellent entrepreneurship education in theory and practice.

Projects may include both product and service ideas and aim to monetary or social gain. Prerequisite for a project is entrepreneurial spirit. This means that the task can be made and implemented open-ended interdisciplinary, project and potential for innovation is of practical relevance.

Project owners can be students, professors and companies. The SCE is starting and collection of projects and gives all involved. Professors from the fields of technology, business, social sciences and design put together their project seminars and most prolonged time of their semester interdisciplinary teams of students to actionable results. In addition to the supervising professors and project owners teams of students is an entrepreneurship coach of the SCE to the side.

At the end of the semester, the results are presented and determined together with the project owner to proceed. 

Project submission    

  • You want enter an entrepreneurship project (see above) for Real Projects.    
  • You are a student, professor or a company, then please fill in the data sheet (see right) completely and send it to


Participating professors    

  • Planning a project seminar (5th semester, at least 4 hours per week).
  • You would like to offer an entrepreneurship project together with colleagues from other faculties , then you are welcome to report to Ebru Turgut. 


Participating students    

  • You want to attend a seminar Real Projects, then
  • inform yourself of our current courses (see right), whether a Real Projects Seminar is offered in your faculty for the upcoming semester.   
  • For questions and wishes feel free to contact Mirko Franck.