Marketplace for international entrepreneurship exchange, teaching and project work

The SCE in cooperation with the Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences pursues a continuous internationalization strategy and is further sharpening its international profile with the AGORA project.

The core of the AGORA concept is to innovate and improve application-related online teaching with international partners in the context of entrepreneurship by expanding the technical infrastructure and the digital teaching concept. It offers the opportunity to use and expand the network with domestic and foreign partners as well as to enrich the international and practice-oriented range of courses with additional digital formats and processes.

A virtual 3D HM Entrepreneurship meeting and learning platform (AGORA) is being established for international students, lecturers and practice partners. High-quality and topic-related online teaching modules from the areas of health, energy / sustainability and digitalization are integrated and incorporated into teaching.

Various competencies are involved in the AGORA project: the university management, the international office, the innovative teaching department and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE)

The AGORA project is a strategic and practical addition to the Global ExCha (lle) nges project.

DAAD funding line HAW.International

The DAAD program "HAW.International" promotes the development of efficient and cosmopolitan HAW / FH and the strengthening of their international competitiveness. It also helps to make the students fit for their potential international job market. Another long-term goal of the program is, in close cooperation with business and industry, to increase the educational, research and innovative strength of the UAS. It also helps to ensure that the universities are strategically positioned and to be internationally more demanded as potential partners.

The AGORA project is a DAAD-funded project (Module B) and has a funding period from January 2021 to December 2024.

Project goals & measures

Project goals

Goal 1: Expansion of international teaching practice by integrating specialist and entrepreneurship skills in 3D learning platforms

Goal 2: Improvement of the online teaching skills as well as the online teaching quality of entrepreneurship teachers

Goal 3: Improvement of the entrepreneurship skills of the students, especially in the selected subject areas of health, energy / sustainability, digitalization


  • Establishment of a virtual 3D HM Entrepreneurship platform with various event and teaching rooms
  • Conception and implementation of the topic-related online teaching modules in the context of entrepreneurship
  • Incoming mobilities to expand cooperation and networking in the start-up ecosystem of HM and the Munich metropolitan region
  • International internships for 15 HM talents (funded by DAAD scholarship)

3D - Agora meeting and learning platform

The establishment of the 3D HM-Entrepreneurship Agora offers teachers and students a new form of interaction and learning experience. A digital meeting place will be created that will help to further expand the networking with partners from the field of science and business. The entrepreneurship course content can be integrated into their learning paths in a personalized way by students in differently designed virtual rooms. At the same time, the virtual 3D environment enables live events to be implemented and creates an innovative meeting place for students, partners and the interested public through the use of avatars. AGORA is a virtual marketplace for ideas, exchange and collaboration between project partners, but is also used for interaction with other research and industry partners. With the visualization in 3D, via a software application and without the need for VR glasses, the visibility of the HM is increased and made tangible for an international audience with just a few clicks. Teachers and students are given a new curricular teaching and learning experience in the digital space. Students are prepared for the (work) world shaped by digitalization and become more attractive for potential employers.

There are three subject-related categories within the Agora.

  • Health
  • Energy / sustainability
  • Digitalization


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