Coneeect - Educating Entrepreneurship Education

About Coneeect:

Coneeect is an international network of universities that offers interactive training courses for academic entrepreneurship teachers to improve the Entrepreneurship Education across Europe. Officially supported by the European Union participants and their associated institutions benefit from intense training programmes and easy access to the European Entrepreneurship Community. In interdisciplinary teams, best-practise entrepreneurship education is taught by award-winning international experts, coaches and trainers. Idea exchange and network building takes place in open forums, closely linked to the global entrepreneurship scene.

Coneeect offers a unique opportunity to learn, experience and design new teaching methods, materials and learning outcome assessment techniques to maximise your teaching impact. You will be an active member of the lively entrepreneurship community in Europe with access to best known entrepreneurship experts and innovative institutions, organisations and companies!

Our world is changing fast: new professional styles, the power of networks, unlimited complexity, the desire for self fulfillment and the need to build on a sustainable future. Education has to adapt to these new requirements. Entrepreneurship education is a main answer to handle the transformation from a classical teaching institution to an interdisciplinary, open competence facilitator. It is more than just teaching students how to write a business plan, it is fostering personal attitudes, developing cross-cutting skills, and preparing people to take responsibility for societal requirements and sustainability. Entrepreneurship education is not set-in-stone. It has to adapt and innovate permanently in light of our expectations and needs for the future.

Coneeect will establish an agile learning process to: promoteCreativity and innovation in how entrepreneurship is taught, create Opportunities for new cross-campus initiatives, and nurture a learning Network in form of an EducatingEntrepreneurship Educator's CommuniTy for cross-European peer-learning, and exchange of good practices in entrepreneurship education.

The one-week training programme targets higher education professionals from any discipline who are currently teaching entrepreneurship or who plan to start within the next academic year. The programme will offer both, basic knowhow and teaching methods to execute state-of-the –art entrepreneurship courses as well as the possibility to work on new formats with experienced entrepreneurship professors.

Our participants are committed to pass on what they have learned, for example by teaching new entrepreneurship formats jointly with colleagues or by implementing the newly designed course into their curriculum. Applications for Munich 22-26 July 2013 are open now.

Core element of the Coneeect approach is the intensive blended learning training programme. One-week courses are held at five different European cities, starting with Munich from 22-26 July 2013, followed by Lisbon, Aberdeen, Sofia & Tel Aviv. The curriculum is common for all five training courses with regional foci being set on local activities and best practise achievements in entrepreneurship education of the host organisation. 

Coneeect offers a unique opportunity to learn, experience and design new teaching methods, materials and learning outcome assessment techniques to maximise teaching impact. With its well established network of experts, innovative education institutions, organisations and companies, Coneeect gives you access to the entrepreneurship community in Europe.

For participants:
Coneeect participants have access to:
•    Intensive training programmes, tailored to their individual needs
•    Individual expert coaching and peer learning in interdisciplinary teams
•    Assessment and Feedback Tools to constantly enhance their Entrepreneurship teaching
•    The handbook of good practices in European entrepreneurship education
•    Attend and network at the international symposium on entrepreneurship education

For institutions:
Coneeect is a unique opportunity for institutions to:
•    Establish the programme Europe-wide right from the beginning
•    Shape the future of Entrepreneurship Education across Europe
•    Gain access to highly trained and qualified Entrepreneurship Educators
•    Really make a difference to society by developing future leaders

The international symposium on entrepreneurship education is the final project event in October 2015. An excellent opportunity to link the cross-European perspective of Coneeect with existing global initiatives, such as the Price-Babson Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators and the European Roundtable on Entrepreneurship Education – a global initiative in which all Coneeect Partners are already actively engaged.

Registration for the next training week in Sofia 10-14 March 2014 is open! Feel free to register your contact details to be notified once registration opens. All data is kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.
Enrolments are limited to 50. If you work in higher education and are currently teaching entrepreneurship or are planning to start within the next academic year, we love to receive your application!