Doctor of Business Innovation

A doctoral degree is not only a very high scientific achievement and a personal milestone, but also a smart and sustainable investment in your professional future. Furthermore you acquiere an innovation for your company. 

The DBI offered by SCE in collaboration with the University of Aveiro boosts your academic as well as your business career in an international and flexible setting, without putting your professional career on hold.

From a company's perspective the participation in the DBI-Program is worth it, because of the international network and head start, that it offers besides an additional attractiveness for high-potentials among the own employers. 

Your benefits


Your DBI degree

The Doctor of Business Innovation (DBI) represents a highly respected degree and your ticket into the international business world. To receive this degree, you will carry out an evidence-based research project for your own company. Therefor the University of Aveiro offers divers possibilities to discuss substantial innovationfields and gradually accompanies your thesis work. The degree of the DBI give you the right to carry a doctorate.

Learning outcomes

By participating in the DBI-program you will acquire scientific knowledge in business innovation, oriented to certain fields of application. In addition you receive the ability to design and conduct innovative research in a chosen business environment. Furthermore you sharpen your critical attitude and out-of-box thinking in the design and development of new products, processes and technologies.

Cooperation SCE and University of Aveiro

The DBI-program was build in an international collaboration with our partner university in Aveiro, Portugal, where all the educational events of the first year will take place. The University of Aveiro has 16 departements  and offers a large spectrum of scientific education. The modern-designed campus is directly located at the atlantic coast and offers a lot of freetime activities to students and researchers.


The DBI-program includes a period of 3 years, in which the first year has 3 presence events and intense classes at the University of Aveiro in Portugal. In the second and third year follows the own empiric work and scientific completion of the doctor thesis. The support will be bilateral after arrengement. In addition one can take part in a two days innovationprogram at the SCE.