Which teaching makes you entrepreneurial?

European universities are increasingly investing in entrepreneurship education. But which teaching formats really make students entrepreneurial? - in the EU project EEEPHEIC (Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Education at Higher Education Institutions) the consortium developed a flexibly applicable online tool - EPIC.

The online tool for all teachers

RE teaching differs greatly from classical university teaching, as specialist knowledge is imparted, but in addition personal attitudes, dealing with uncertainty and a wide range of action competences are achieved. EEEPHEIC expands the dimensions of the EntreComp framework - 15 individual competences for the three main areas - to seven dimensions, which are queried through self-assessments and scenarios/vignettes. The online tool provides teachers with quick overall feedback on their course, students with quick individual evaluations.

The focus of EPIC is on measuring entrepreneurial competencies and the methodological foundation, the EntreComp Framework (EU, 2016). The model divides competences for Entre- and Intrapreneurship into three main areas: "Resources", "Into Action" and "Ideas & Opportunities".


In this film teachers and students can learn how to use the EPIC tool: