Proto-Support Program of MUAS and SCE

Do you have an innovative project?

We offer entrepreneurial students and alumni of Munich University of Applied Sciences the opportunity to receive funding to support the implementation of their ideas.

We will advise you how to judge the innovative potential of your ideas and projects, how to analyse possible uses and how to develop a suitable commercial product and marketing plan. It is our aim to use our experience to assist you both in judging your start-up potential and along the way to entering the market.

Your idea may be eligible for financial support regardless of which field it is from: whether a product or service, high-tech or low-tech, software or hardware. The decisive factor is the degree of innovation and how determined you are to develop your idea further. All services are offered free of charge. The programme is supported by state funding from the Ministry of Economics and Technology and by SCE, which is supported by the Falk F. Strascheg Foundation.

What does Proto funding offer?

  • Six months of financial support with an intermediate evaluation after three months
  • Supervision and advice during the funding period
  • Work placement within central Munich with corresponding infrastructure
  • Project-specifiic material expenses (e.g. for prototype construction, patents, certifications)
  • Membership of the SCE network with access to other SCE teams and external partners
  • Assistance in continuing the project after the Proto funding period ends (e.g. through applying for public funding) 


How and when can I apply?

You can apply for Proto funding at any time. To apply for Proto funding you first need to submit an idea paper in which you explain your innovative business concept to us in accordance with the form “Application for Start-up League financial support” (similar to MBPW Stage 1), and secondly you need to give a 10-minute presentation in front of our jury.

We strongly recommend that you make an appointment with our start-up consultancy team at SCE before submitting an application for Proto funding. Should your application be successful it is normally possible to begin four weeks after initially submitting your application, assuming all details are complete.