Research Projects and Priorities

Research at SCE aims at new findings in the fields of innovation management and responsible entrepreneurship in different empiric settings. Recent research projects in SCE's three priority topics "Matching in asymmetric startup collaborations", "Dynamic networks in disaster management" and "Entrepreneurship Education" investigate innovation collaborations and innovative entrepreneurship teaching.  

Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship Education is core discipline of SCE. Recently three projects supported by the European Union are implemented with European academic partners: CONEEECT is a project on further education of academics teaching entrepreneurship, ASTEE treats evaluation and indicator building for E'ship education at schools. EU-XCEL, European Virtual Accelerator for aspiring tech entrepreneurs.


Disaster Management

The project "Dynamic networks in disaster management", supported by Hella Langer Foundation, investigates network building in reconstruction and disaster management. Using the example of Tsunami 2004 in South India, it shows how global collaboration of heterogeneous actors results in sustainable outcomes - or why not.


Futur of Work 2030

The research project "The future of work 2030", funded by the Adecco Foundation, tackles future challenges and opportunities related to the changing working conditions in our society. The study is divided into three research phases: the Preliminary Work, which opened the problem space and discusses various future scenarios


Innovation Approach

It is no longer sufficient for sustainable businesses to speed to market with single new products or services. A good deal more, comprehensive new approaches to innovation itself are needed. The SCE, in qualification programs and research, starts from a holistic innovation model which comprehends dynamic and multifaceted activities.



Conferences set highlights in routines of research. New findings are presented, publications arranged and fresh contacts made. That's why SCE is so committed to conferences: 2012 it organized the first ICE (International conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation) at MUAS. More on conferences of current research priorities here.



The project "Innostart" is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In cooperation with industrial partners (i.a. BMW Group, Munich Network) it investigates matching and collaboration processes between startups and established companies.