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Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship - What is the SCE?

As the Entrepreneurship Center of the Munich University of Applied Sciences, the SCE offers educational and research programs in the field of entrepreneurship, promotes start-ups, innovation processes and the development of entrepreneurial personalities. The internationally well-connected center supports start-ups from science and accompanies young companies from idea development to marketable innovation. We support companies in breaking new ground and cooperating strategically with start-ups. In accordance with our claim "Responsible Entrepreneurship", we contribute actively and impact-oriented to a positive and sustainable shaping of the future of our society and to the establishment of a comprehensive start-up culture.

Our Vision - Responsible Entrepreneurship


Responsible and impact-driven entrepreneurs play a decisive role in shaping a future worth living. Educating and supporting them is our most important concern. We see ourselves as a thought leader, enabler and well-connected partner for shaping an entrepreneurial society worth living in through responsible entrepreneurship. We stand for a society that actively, innovatively and responsibly addresses social, technological and economic challenges. Entrepreneurship and co-creation are the key and the tool for a future worth living and the social change towards it.

Vision & Mission

Our Approach to Innovation

Our approach "Real Time Innovation" complements and extends the existing tools with new perspectives on the process and resulting approaches. At the same time, the presented tool helps to connect existing approaches. We are convinced that we can thereby promote an entrepreneurial and responsible way of thinking and approach among budding founders and intrapreneurs. "Real Time Innovation" is designed for practical application and is available as a set of cards and a canvas.

Our Approach to Innovation.

Our Founder Falk F. Strascheg

The Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship is named after our founder Prof. Dr. h. c. Falk F. Strascheg. He founded the SCE at Munich University of Applied Sciences back in 2002 and has been actively and sustainably supporting our Center ever since. Falk Strascheg is a versatile serial entrepreneur, successful venture capitalist and charitable benefactor and patron.

Our Founder Falk Strascheg.

Spin-offs & Subsidiaries

The Strascheg Center has an active and busy nature. Therefore, the SCE has spawned various subsidiaries and spin-offs. They have often been established cooperatively with long-term partners and with the aim to position themselves specifically in selected business areas and ecosystems. The most important of these are:

Our Team

This is our team - our staff at the Center, professors, lecturers and instructors who work with us or closely with us - at Munich University of Applied Sciences and beyond.

Our Team


Are you looking for an inspiring, fulfilling and challenging job in a dynamic start-up environment or at the exciting intersection of university, business and society? You'll find it here!

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Press & Media

Are you a journalist working on topics such as founding, innovations, start-ups, education or research? At the SCE, you will find start-up stories and start-up news, innovations in a wide range of areas, new teaching formats and the latest findings from entrepreneurship research. We will gladly arrange interview partners and experts for you or provide you with material for editorial use.

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Press & Media

SCE Infrastructure

At the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) at the HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences, basically everyone is welcome who wants to work, study or be creative. We are at home all over the world, but most of the time you will find us in Munich. Here you can find an overview of our infrastructure in Munich. Please feel free to visit us.

Our Infrastructure.

Contact and Directions

We are at home in the world, but mostly you will find us in Munich!

Contact & Directions.