Munich Global Impact Sprint

Imagine the expertise, forces and experience of three world leading universities based in Munich...
… partnering with their innovation and entrepreneurship centers to bring international teams and talents to Munich

… connecting them with their strong regional and international networks
… to create one shared impact driven ecosystem enabling disruptive innovation on a large scale.


In short, we call it the Munich Global Impact Sprint (MGIS).

We want to make the SDGs a reality – both regionally and internationally. For that, we need to enable the most talented students and entrepreneurs to thrive, bringing their impact driven ideas and start-ups to the next level, with whatever they need to do so.
That´s why we aligned our international activities of the eBridge Alliance (for a more thorough read, click here) with the establishment of a strong regional network of the 3 top-notch universities in Munich. In this way we don´t only connect incubators, partner networks, coaches and topic-oriented experts on an international level, but also on a regional level.

We strive to connect three steps:
1. We educate student teams and university talents worldwide in SDG driven, topic-based seminars.

2. We scout the best teams and talents offering them to be part of our incubator program in Munich. 

3. We then bring them to Munich, where we not only introduce them to the experts, coaches and incubator partners, but also connect them to the powerful networks of two other top-notch universities and entrepreneurship centers. We utilize the synergies of one shared ecosystem and thus offer the best start-up and idea support network of the city. 




The three top-notch universities in Munich:

-        HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences (HM)

-        Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) and

-        Technical University of Munich (TUM)

partner up with their innovation and entrepreneurship centers

-        Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE)

-        LMU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (LMU IEC) and

-        UnternehmerTUM

to create a strong regional and impact driven network to enable disruptive innovation.


Together with our ecosystem integrator, MUC Summit, we create a shared ecosystem in Munich. This allows impact driven ideas and international teams to thrive in order to achieve more global impact, with a strong regional network of partners, experts and coaches.

Besides getting tailored support on the current needs of every team in our incubator program, the Munich Global Impact Sprint creates target labs for different SDG driven topic areas (first badge: food, healthcare, cities & communities, consumption & production). We open up the events and showcase formats of all three universities and entrepreneurship centers to offer even more support for teams wanting to create an impact driven start-up in Munich.

Together we are pushing Munich to become the fastest growing tech-hub in Europe.

The three universities and entrepreneurship centers within the Munich Global Impact Sprint are committed to partnering with other higher education institutions, civil society organizations, governmental organizations and industry partners to strengthen Munich’s position as a key player in the international entrepreneurial ecosystem co-creating one holistic, interconnected and unique ecosystem to make the SDGs a reality.

Both the eBridge Alliance and the Munich Global Impact Sprint are funded and supported by the EXIST-Potentials program of Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).