Regional, national and international partnerships with universities,

businesses and institutions are of high priority at the SCE. This

inter-networking yields cocreation, collaborative innovation processes

and solid projects and concepts in the area of learning, start-up

support or research.

Corporate Programs

In its qualification programs the SCE works closely together with companies on real business issues. The SCE supports companies and organizations to identify their innovation potential and advise on assessing the innovative potential of ideas and projects. If possible the results of joint projects should be implemented.


Current Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners enable the implementation of real projects, the achievement of synergies and funding opportunities. The SCE is working with a variety of companies in different sectors and leads them through joint projects and programs. Companies benefit from such partnerships as well as the students of the university and SCE program participants.


Funding Partners

We are happy to gain new funding partners to address common concerns together. There are many possibilities and options of potential collaborations and cooperations. If you have ideas or suggestions don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


University Partners

The SCE is in lively exchange with many universities and academic institutions in Europe and around the world. Here you can see an overview of current partners with links to the research community around entrepreneurship, innovation management, disaster management and network research.


Network Partner

Partnerships at SCE are varied and far-reaching. Here you get a look at our community around entrepreneurship and innovation and can find partners SCE is in constant exchange.