Corporate Programs

Many Companies are project partner in our qualification programs. Our students profit by this practical training and real business life challenges. Corporate partners benefit from the outcome of supervised innovative approaches student to work on their practical cases. Typical features of such projects are a high degree of innovation, direct practical relevance and interdisciplinary.

The SCE supports companies and organizations to identify their innovation potential and advise on assessing the innovative potential of ideas and projects. If possible the results of joint projects should be implemented.

Real Projects

Real Projects is an unique program founded by SCE. The main topics entrepreneurship, innovation management and leadership are based on elements of action learning and design thinking.


Further Education

Both, employees and students are welcome to apply for the ape-certificate. After one year the participants will receive a Design-Thinking-focused certificate on international level.



Students have the chance to participate at an unique internship. Interdisciplinary teams, real projects with high responsibility at a well-known company. Real Projects Internship provides a lot of chances!



Coneeect is an international network of universities that offers interactive training courses for academic entrepreneurship teachers to improve the Entrepreneurship Education across Europe. Supported by the European Union participants benefit from intense training programmes and access to the European Entrepreneurship Community.



Co Creation Camp is our newest program for solving strategic problems and for educating, training and stimulating entrepreneurial spirit and competences. It provides a platform for 30 creative and entrepreneurially minded people to come together for five days in interdisciplinary teams in a supportive environment.



The DBA program offers executives the possibility to graduate while stay in their responsible jobs - with a modular and dense academic timetable and with close supervision