Bavaria Israel Partnership Accelerator

The Bavaria Israel Partnership Accelerator is an unique program that promotes open innovation via co-creation of tailored-solutions for specific company‘s challenges. Corporate Partners from Bavaria and Israel propose innovation challenges relevant to their business strategies, in the fields of:

  • Industry 4.0;
  • The Internet of Things;
  • Automotive / Smart Mobility;
  • Healthcare / MedTech;
  • IT-Security.

Aspiring entrepreneurs (students and recent graduates from Bavaria and Israel) selected to take part in the BIP Accelerator are guided to form international teams to identify new opportunities, ideate, conceptualize and market-validate tailored-solutions for the proposed challenges. Overall the program was designed to enable and foster effective virtual team work, supported by virtual mentoring and online collaboration tolling.

BIP Accelerator will have 4-editions between 2015 and 2017, starting with a 1-week workshop, in Munich or Israel, followed by a 14-week virtual acceleration, ending with a final presentation to the Corporate Partner. On each edition 20 participants will form 4-teams.

By the end of program the Companies may incorporate the tailored-solution to the company‘s product/service portfolio or partner with the team by e.g. becoming first-customer for the developed solution or seed-investing in the potential start-up. In this case, the teams will also have the opportunity to apply for a place at a partner University Incubator in order to receive further support during the implementation phase.