Polytech Strascheg

The Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship of the Munich University of Applied Sciences signed an agreement on the founding of the Russian-German Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship "Polytech Strascheg".

The contract on the founding of the “Polytech Strascheg” was signed by the Rector of the Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Andrej I Rudskoy, as well as by the SCE founder, Falk F Strascheg, and the SCE CEO, Prof Klaus Sailer.

The aim of the Russian-German Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is to develop and implement joint international education programmes in the field of entrepreneurship and to establish a joint Master course “Technology Entrepreneurship” in which companies would also be involved. This is thus an intensification of the existing cooperation between the Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University and the Munich University of Applied Sciences in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.


A further focus of the joint activities is to promote Russian and Russian-German start-ups and their support by consulting, coaching and training. Furthermore, there will be business plan competitions and Russian-German research projects. The Center’s programmes are particularly targeted at students who are looking at courses in international business. The partnership also includes the financial support of exchange students with their expenses and tuition fees.


SCE CEO Prof Klaus Sailer on signing the contract: “We are very excited about the future intensive cooperation as part of our joint Russian-German Center for Innovation und Entrepreneurship, the Polytech Strascheg at the renowned Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University. The Saint Petersburg State University offers an excellent, interdisciplinary education and outstanding research institutes. In this way, students from both countries will definitely be able to really profit from each other. Another benefit of this joint involvement is the great potential in the cooperation with the numerous German and international industrial companies which have settled in Russia and, in particular, in the highly developed urban area of Saint Petersburg”.

During their visit to Saint Petersburg, Falk F Strascheg and Prof Klaus Sailer also visited the labs and research centers of the SPbSPU, including the Radiophysics Lab, the Russian-German Laser Technologies Center, as well as the FabLab and the Institute for Nanobiotechnology.


The Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) is one of the biggest and most renowned universities in Russia. The SPbSPU currently offers its more than 30,000 students 38 Bachelor degree programmes, 188 Master degree programmes, 90 PhD programmes and 90 other postgraduate programmes. In addition to education, the State University organises intensive international activities and holds joint international study courses and research projects, as well as conferences. The University has more than 20 international research centers that cooperate in the running of joint research projects with partners such as Motorola, Microsoft, AT & T, Siemens, LG Electronics and Apple Macintosh. The SPbSPU cooperates with a large number of international partner universities, associations, organisations and industry partners and is a member of more than 18 international education and research institutes and associations, including the International Universities Association, EAIE, Colos, IEEE, NDLTD, SPACE. In 2007, the SPbSPU won the national “Education” competition and was dubbed an “Innovation University”. In 2010, it was also awarded the status “National Research University”.

More information about the Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU)at: http://www.spbstu-eng.ru