Interview with Strascheg Award - Winner "Agracheck

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Florian S., Sebastian L. and Matthias H. (FK9 / DeepDive Alumnus) have won the Strascheg Award in category 3, Best Business Idea from Science & Practice, with their start-up "AgraCheck" in 2021. AgraCheck develops an information and comparison platform for smart farming technologies. Do you also have a great idea? Then let them convince you in the following interview to submit your idea to the Strascheg Award, the ideas competition of the Munich University of Applied Sciences and the SCE, and give your start-up story a jump-start.

1. why did you participate in the Strascheg Award or why should one participate?

We wanted to learn from the feedback of the top-class jury and of course use the prize money for our idea.

2. What were your highlights at the Strascheg Award?

The event character! Pitching in front of such a large audience is a lot of fun.

3. What was the significance of the participation for you and what did you take away from it?

Winning the Strascheg Award was proof for us that our idea has potential and encouraged us to strive for the foundation. How has your idea developed since the Strascheg Award?

In the meantime, we have received EXIST funding and are in the start-up process. In addition, we were able to win some test customers.

5. what would you say to interested award participants and give them on their way?

Just try it out! No matter if you win or not, it's fun and the feedback helps to improve your idea.

6. And finally - let's be honest: What did you do with the prize money?

Of course, we put it into the development of our product :).

We thank "Agracheck" for the great interview and wish the whole team continued success.

Apply now yourself for the award, which is endowed with a total prize money of 30.000€. All students, professors, employees and alumni of the Munich University of Applied Sciences can submit their business ideas until September 18. Apply now with an idea paper for one of the three categories:
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