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Early-stage Start-ups mit mindestens einem funktionalen Prototyp (TRL 3), validiertem Geschäftsmodell, 2 Absichtserklärungen

Interview with Strascheg Award - Winner "Omegga

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Katharina H., Moritz E., Kyle H., Clara K. and Till N. (FK9-Alumnus, APE-Alumnus, SEA-Alumnus) won the Strascheg Award in category 3, Best Business Idea from Science & Practice, in 2021 with their start-up "Omegga". Omegga develops a non-invasive sex determination of unhatched chicks before the seventh day of hatching. Do you have a great idea too? Then let them convince you in the following interview to submit your idea to the Strascheg Award, the ideas competition of the Munich University of Applied Sciences and the SCE, and give your start-up story a jump-start. .

1. why did you participate in the Strascheg Award or why should one participate?

We participated because it was a good first entry to get a foothold at SCE and to draw attention to ourselves. In addition, the prize money was very interesting for the effort involved.

What were your highlights at the Strascheg Award?

The positive feedback on our idea and the support we received was our personal highlight at the Strascheg Award.

3. what was the significance of the participation for you and what did you take away from it?

For us it was a door opener at the SCE and at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. Through the Strascheg Award we were able to gain important contacts and supporters. 4) How has your idea developed since the Strascheg Award?

Since the award, we have been able to further develop the technical idea and secure the EXIST-Gründerstipendium with the prototypes.

What would you say to interested award participants and what would they take away with them?

If possible, show the jury your vision and how it will make the planet a better place.

6. and finally - let's be honest: what did you do with the prize money?

All the prize money went into our prototyping. Prize money that you can manage yourself and not have to go through rigid and elaborate processes is worth at least twice as much for fast and effective development.

We thank "Omegga" for the nice interview and wish the whole team continued success.

Apply now yourself for the award, which is endowed with a total prize money of 30.000€. All students, professors, employees and alumni of the Munich University of Applied Sciences can submit their business ideas until September 18. Apply now with an idea paper for one of the three categories:
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