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Target group

All HM students with an interest in entrepreneurship, regardless of their degree program


1 Semester


Free of charge




You can find your faculty's courses under "Current Real Projects"

Course-specific as compulsory or compulsory elective module


What is a Real Project Seminar?

Our Real Project Seminars are a teaching format of the SCE and the HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences, which teaches responsible entrepreneurial thinking and acting through interdisciplinary practical projects. Students from all disciplines are given access to an outstanding Responsible Entrepreneurship education in theory and practice.

In our Real Projects, the entrepreneurs of tomorrow are trained - equipped with the necessary competencies to help shape our future responsibly and to be able to realize their own (startup) ideas.

Current Real Projects

In the context of Real Projects, entrepreneurship, innovation management and personal development are usually taught interdepartmentally at many HM faculties.

Here you can find the Real Projects of the current semester

Here you can find the Real Projects of the winter semester 2023/2024
Here you can find the Real Projects of the summer semester 2023
Here you can find the Real Projects of the winter semester 2022/2023

To the current Real Projects

How does a Real Project work?

The projects can include both product and service ideas. The basic requirement for all ideas is that they are conceived and designed to be ecologically, socially and economically sustainable. The entrepreneurship character is strengthened in the development process of the project ideas. This means that the task can be posed in an open-ended and interdisciplinary manner, the project has innovation potential, is of relevance to practice, and a viable and sustainable business concept is developed at the end of the semester.

Project sponsors can be students, professors as well as organizations. The SCE is the contact and collection point for the Real Projects and mediates all participants. Professors from the departments of technology, economics, social sciences and design combine their project seminars to lead their interdisciplinary teams of students to realizable results within one semester. In addition to the supervising professors and the project sponsor, the student teams are assisted by an Entrepreneurship Coach from the SCE.

At the end of the semester, the results are presented and the further course of action is determined together with the project sponsor.

How you can participate

Participation of professors

  • You are currently planning your project seminar (from 5th semester, min. 4 SWS)?
  • Are you interested in offering an entrepreneurship project together with colleagues from other faculties?
  • Then please contact us.


Participation Students

  • You would like to participate in a Real Project Seminar?
  • Then please check our current courses (see above on the right) to see if a Real Project Seminar is offered in your faculty/course of study for the coming semester.
  • Questions and wishes? Feel free to contact us.


Participation Organizations:

  • Do you have the desire and time to work with our students?
  • Are you looking for innovative ideas that can solve challenges your organization is facing?
  • Please feel free to contact us.


Johanna Kobilke Education
Program Manager
Real Projects

T: 089 1265 3247


Johanna is the program manager at SCE responsible for the Real Projects as well as the "Entrepreneurship certificate" of the Hochschule München. Every semester, she organizes and accompanies various entrepreneurship seminars in which, in collaboration with professors, students are encouraged to think and act entrepreneurially by solving real world challenges with innovative approaches. 

Johanna holds a Master's degree in Sustainable Management from Uppsala University in Sweden and is strongly committed to a sustainable future through innovation and responsible entrepreneurship in her professional work. Prior to joining SCE, she led a teaching project focused on impact and sustainability and worked with Munich's three big universities and their incubators to strengthen Munich as an innovation hub through cross-sector collaboration.