Oliver May-Beckmann

Oliver is a creative optimist, entrepreneurship and innovation expert, passionate educator, speaker, mentor and a connector between business, public sector, higher education and startups. For more than ten years, his innovation, education, business creation and consulting experience has centered across all three major innovation poles of our times (Europe, China and the United States). Oliver is head of ecosystem and driver of responsible entrepreneurship education at the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurship center at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. 

He is associate partner of CONSTELLATIONS International in Shanghai and Berlin and project partner of its flagship program CITYMAKERS for Chinese and European Urban Innovators. Oliver built up the education programs of the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie and the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School – a joint initiative by the four university-based entrepreneurship centers in Munich. He is also the Content Architect & Project Leader of the Massive Open Online Course “Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World”, co-created with SAP and innovators like Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Aaron Hurst or Alexander Osterwalder for >12.000 participants worldwide. Previously, he was leading the Northeast-Asia division at Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Berlin and before a bilateral German-Vietnamese government program for KAS in Hanoi, Vietnam. He is a proud father of two amazing kids and a mountain lover.