Funding program – Project Accelerator

to improve the study conditions and quality of teaching

The funding program "Project Accelerator" was accomplished by Munich University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the SCE. The funding program, which was designed at the end of 2015, offers students the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality. Up to five student projects are supported for the pilot project, which improves the study conditions and quality of teaching. In summer term 2016 the student project ideas are funded with 2,000 euros for material resources and university infrastructure.

We gave advice on project organization and analysis of potential internal university application and stakeholders. Our goal was to assist with any further questions and let the students work as autonomously as possible.

For the eligibility of the project, it does not matter which field it came from, whether it was a product or service, software or hardware, teaching or event format. The benefit of the project to our students is the top priority by chose the projects for the funding program.

Project objectives

• Support student-lead initiatives
• Create opportunities for student participation in field of study conditions and teaching quality

What does the funding programme offer?

• Six months funding with a mid-term evaluation after three months and a final evaluation
• Support and advice during the funding period
• Access to university infrastructure
• Project-related material resources (e.g. prototype construction, promotional materials) to each individual decision
• SCE network with access to other teams and external partners
• Assistance in the continuation of the project after the funding period (e.g. identify internal stakeholders of the university, inclusion in the start-up League for entrepreneurial character)

For any further questions, please feel free to contact.

In case the project idea does not solely contribute to improving the study conditions or quality of teaching, the Proto-Support Program of MUAS and SCE may possibly be of interest.

Project Teams in the Funding Project "Project Accelerator"


Learning can be so fun and comfortable regardless of the time and location - in the subway, on the couch or in a doctor’s waiting room. The Campus Clash app allows you to have quiz competitions in specialized subjects with students of your degree program or from other universities. We expand the app-based learning with gamification aspects and provide an alternative, competitive incentive system to employ students into study-related content in a flexible and fun way.





At the beginning of our project we asked ourselves the question: how can we bring all students closer together? Our answer: by creating an innovative merchandise-concept. Our plan is to create a new lifestyle brand to connect all students of the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. We named our project "dahoam" as the letters "h" and "m" can stand for "Hochschule München" or "home" as well. By the end of 2016 we want to be finished with designing our logo and developing several prototypes before setting up our website. For our first collection we are planning on introducing fancy, functional and unique products. With our Blog on our website we want to move the students into focus again and we will post tips for exploring Munich, recipes and articles on many other topics. We hope to connect students with our products and we would love to be the next best practice merchandise brand.