SCE Publications

Research at SCE yields at results fruitful and viable for application in all fields of interest of entrepreneurship. Recent and last years' publications stemming from these research processes and presented at conferences or in book projects and articles are listed here.

All questions related to articles and data are kindly adressed to the authors directly.

Recent publications 



Holzmann, T., Katzy, B., Sailer, K., Thoben, K., 2012, Proceedings of the 2012 18th International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation, Munich, Germany, 18-20 June 2012


Conference papers

Heinz, R., Stephan, Y., Gillig, H. (2017) Scouting of Early-Stage Start-Ups - Development and initial test of a conceptual framework, IEEE International Technology Management Conference E-TEMS, Munich, Germany 18-19 October 2017. »» Download

Schmidt-Thomé, F., Gillig, H., (2015) Evaluation von Geschäftsideen in der Vorgründungsphase, 19. Interdisziplinäre Jahreskonferenz zu Entrepreneurship, Innovation und Mittelstand, 8. – 9. Oktober 2015, Universität Kassel.

Turgut-Dao, E., Gedeon, S., Sailer, K., Huber, F., Franck, M. (2015): Embedding Experiential Learning in Cross-Faculty Entrepreneurship Education. 3E – ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference. »»

Kistler, S., Gillig, H., (2015): Is 'Effectuation' a Cross-cultural Concept? Decision Principles of German Entrepreneurs. In E. Huizingh, M. Torkkeli, S. Conn & and I. Bitran (Hrsg.) Proceedings of the XXVI ISPIM Innovation Conference in Budapest, Hungary.

Holzmann, T., Sailer, K., Katzy, B., 2013, The matching process for innovation partnerships: A multi-sided market perspective, 19th IEEE ITMC & ICE Conference 2013, The Hague, The Netherlands, 24-26 June 2013

Weber, C., Sailer, K., Katzy, B., 2013, Network Dynamics in Humanitarian Leadership, 19th IEEE ITMC & ICE Conference 2013, The Hague, The Netherlands, 24-26 June 2013

Gillig, H., Sailer, K., 2012, User involvement in the innovation process: Development of a framework for E-Services, in: Holzmann, T. et al, Proceedings of the 2012 18th International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation

Holzmann, T., Katzy, B., Sailer, K., 2012, Finding partners for collaborative innovation: The vicious circle of matchmaking, R&D Conference 2012 Ecole de Management Grenoble, Grenoble, France 23-25 May 2012

Weber, C., Katzy, B., Sailer, K., 2012, Disaster Relief Management: A dynamic network perspective, IEEE International Technology Management Conference ITMC, Dallas, USA 24-27 June 2012 »»

Weber, C., Katzy, B., Sailer, K., 2012, Dynamic Networks in Disaster Management,ICCDM  International Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management, Kumaracoil, Tamil Nadu, India, 27-28 January 2012

Lewrick, M., Skribanowitz, P., Huber, F., 2012, Nutzen von Design-Thinking Programmen: Diskussion mit Programmleitern, Ausbildern, akademischen Leitungsverantwortlichen in der Schweiz und Deutschland, Proceedings of the 16th Annual Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference (G-Forum), Potsdam, Germany, 8-9 Nov. 2012

Huber, F., Poech, A., Brodie, J., 2012, The entrepreneurial personality: Lessons for student's education, NeuroPsychoEconomics Conference Proceedings, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 14-15 June 2012

Holzmann, T., Katzy, B., Sailer, K., Turgut, E., 2011, Deal-flow portfolios in innovation collaborations - revisiting the rationale of innovation networks, 17th  International Conference on Concurrent Engineering ICE, Aachen 20-22 June 2011 »»

Laermann, B., Gillig, H., Sailer, K., Frank, M., A novel concept of a university business incubator, creating innovations through collaboration at the university environment, XIX ISPIM Conference, Tours, France July 15/18, 2008



Katzy, B., Turgut, E., Holzmann, T., Sailer, K., 2013, Innovation Intermediaries: A process view on open innovation coordination, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, Vol. 25 (3), p. 295 - 309 Opens external link in new window 

Sailer, K., Lewrick, M., Maktoba, O., Raeside, R., 2011, Education for Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Management Capabilities for sustainable growth and success, World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development, Vol. 6, Iss 1, pp 1-18 »»

Sailer, K., Gillig, H., 2009, Erfolgsfaktor Entrepreneurship für Studierende, wissenschaftsmanagement 3, Mai/Juni 2009, pp 14-21

Sailer, K., 2008, Paradoxien als Chance - persönliche und psychologische Aspekte der Unternehmensnachfolge, Going Public, August 2008


Book chapters

Matuschka, A., Sailer, K., Hermann, N., Gillig, H., (2015) Die Denkfabrik Gründerhochschule, in Teichert, J., Ofianka, R., Jendrosch, A., (Hrsg.) Universitäre Gründungsförderung (137- 143), Waxmann Verlag.

Sailer, K., Herausforderung Innovation, in: Pfeiffer, S., Schütt, P., Wühr, D. (Hrsg.), 2011: Smarte Innovation. Ergebnisse und neue Ansätze im Anlagen- und Maschinenbau, Heidelberg: Springer

Sailer, K., Maier, E., Leonavicius, E., Die Reise zu den drei Schatzinseln Entrepreneurship - Persönlichkeit - Innovation, in: Müller, K.-D., Diensberg, C. (Hrsg.), 2011: Methoden und Qualität in der Gründungslehre, Lohmar:EUL

Sailer, K., Motivation and Responsibility - the MORE project at the University of applied Sciences Munich, in: Kortzfleisch, H., 2011: Scientific Entrepreneurship. Reflection on sucess of ten years EXIST, Lohmar:EUL