Co Creation Camp 2013

The Co Creation Camp is a one-week program aimed at entrepreneurially minded students for solving strategic business problems as well as educating, training and stimulating entrepreneurial spirit and competences.

It provides a platform for 25 creative and entrepreneurially minded people with different backgrounds to come together for 6 days in interdisciplinary teams in a supportive environment. Together, they work on a real business problem provided by our industry partner while learning about the phases of the innovation process. This allows participants to develop forward-looking solutions, strategies and progressive implementation of at least 4 innovative business ideas. At the same time, participants get to experience new, process-oriented ways of thinking and working in interdisciplinary and international project teams.

What is innovative about Co Creation Camp is that the focus is on the one hand purely on the entrepreneurial process (from idea to project) and developing entrepreneurial competence in this process, rather than academic entrepreneurial knowledge (e.g. finance, marketing, etc.). On the other hand there is strong focus on co-creation (cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary nature of project work).

More specific, what participants get out of Co Creation Camp is:

  • strengthen entrepreneurial competence
  • tackling a real problem together with managers
  • developing and implementing innovative business ideas
  • emphasis on participants’ personal development
  • build an international network for future cooperation / collaboration

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Co Creation Camp takes place in a creative and supportive environment, where we can stay, work, co-create and spend a nice spare time in the best possible way.

Accomodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided. Contribution costs per participant: