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Start-ups of the Start-up League

All start-ups currently supported at SCE together form the Start-up League.


Omegga – a non-invasive, spectral solution for in-ovo sexing of chicken embryos.

Omegga enables the detection of the sex of chicken embryos through…

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Omind platform

OMIND platform - establishes an OPEN INNOVATION Mindset

OMIND platform is a digital platform that establishes an OPEN INNOVATION mindset between…

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OurRisks is a collaborative risk management as a service cloud solution that provides users with a comprehensive and continuously updated risk…

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PACKMATISCH – The automated grocery store where you can easily buy cheap products all the time

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Point Twelve

Point Twelve – The single touch point for H2 producers to manage green certification.


Point Twelve supports the commercial success of producers of…

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Punkki Brush

PUNKKI Brush – For a clean, healthy and sustainable solution against ticks.


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Puppet supports organizations and individuals with an extended language model service to remove barriers to accessing specialized and archived…

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Puray - self-disinfecting catheter to prevent infections

Urinary tract infections caused by catheters are among the most common hospital-acquired…

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Relevo offers a smart deposit-free reusable to-go solution. Participating partner restaurants pay using a pay-per-use model, i.e. only according to…

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SALGI - Sustainable water desalination with algae

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SettleEasy is an AI-powered platform that helps expatriates and international students settle in Germany.

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Silver River

Silver River - helps lawyers and clients solve legal problems more efficiently and intuitively.

Silberfluss's vision is to create the digital law…

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Simorg - Smart hanger for optimized wardrobes for the best event experience.

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Simple Crypto

Simple Crypto – A gamified app-course on sound money technology

App-Learning GmbH is an app development enterprise focused on gamified e-learning for…

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SKOR is an ecosystem in steel darts focused on simplifying competitions, connecting people and hosting…

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Smart Move

SmartMove - Your Ride, Your Price

SmartMove is a public transport application that helps tourists find the right ticket for their individual journey.

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SmartAIs – Empowering independence with smart glasses for blind people

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SonicCare – Caring for your heart, one sound at a time

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SPACE - Your field in a box

SPACE is a modular and stackable hydroponic system suitable for growing vegetables anywhere. It shortens the supply chain…

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Sportana – Bringing people together through a love for sport


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