Start-up-League Alumni

After the start-up teams will no longer be supported in an ongoing support program, they remain connected to the SCE as alumni and are firmly anchored in our network. Following you find SCE Alumni Start-up teams:

We want to place an interactive and aesthetically differentiated product in the Mood Light sector called something like Mood Box. We combine chromatic filters with LED and a special method that enables us to produce a versatile product. The product can generate a new light experience for the customer, thus the customer can interact more intense with light in space. 
(PROTO-Förderprogramm Oct. 2014 - Dec. 2015)
Women who like to dress up nicely often encounter the problem of not knowing what styles are modern and where they can get those. This problem especially occurs when it comes to jewelry. With fashion changing fast most of the customers prefer fashion jewelry instead of real jewelry. The market for buying fashion jewelry online is not mature yet, especially in comparison with the clothes and shoes market. Therefore customers often find it very hard to find nice fashion jewelry on the internet. To solve this problem we want to establish an up to date, innovative E-Commerce platform for fashion jewelry creating a new emotional shopping-experience.
(PROTO-Förderprogramm Feb. 2015 - Nov. 2015)


storytile is the first German agency to provide real-time multimedia stories. Besides facilitating photographers, storytile will offer its own plattform, which can be adopted and embeded by customers from the news sector as well as by other companies. 
(EXIST-Gründerstipendium Oct. 2014 - Sep. 2015)
kids-kleider-kiste from, a kids clothing subscription box rents designer kids clothes. “Mom stylists” curate a personalized box of shirts, pants, dresses ect., tailored to your kids´specific lifestyle based on their particular styles, activities, and climate.
(Proto-Förderprogramm Feb. 2015 - Sep. 2015)
We developed a motivation concept for couples and relationships. This concept is based on a monthly box, full of tasks for a happy and appreciative partnership. Beside to the task you`ll find a beautiful selection of products from local manufactures. This entire concept will be accompanied with a strong online assistance. At Ibalopo we believe in the power of motivation. We would like to encourage you and your partner to do something beneficial for your relationship in a playful way. 
(Proto-Förderprogramm Feb. 2015 - Oct. 2015)
Our goal is to revolutionise the way events are communicated by clubs and event managers thereby taking the quality of published event information to a whole new level. Instead of separately entering and updating relevant information into a wide range of different interfaces such as facebook, homepage and media partners, we create an opportunity to efficiently publish information on all channels in one go. Additionally, our service enables publishers to receive event data fully automated to a fraction of the cost compared to the current process. (EXIST-Förderprogramm November 2014 to August 2015)
Adnymics is working on an One-to-One CRM system for the creation of individual and personalized product brochures for the online mail order trade in order to generate repurchases.With this process it is possible to approach customers with personally tailored product suggestions after their purchase. 
(EXIST Gründerstipendium September 2014 to Ausgust 2015)
Soulchef is the easiest way to eat wholesome prepared food. No matter if Low Carb, High Protein or Vegetarian, Soulchef offers you variety of delicacies. Market-fresh and of the highest quality. Cooked by the most talented chefs in town. Delivered to your doorstep. (Proto-Förderprogramm September 2014 to September 2015)
Running Bavarian 
Main feature of the concept is the conveyor belt known from running sushi restaurants, which is used to serve Bavarian food in small and diversified dishes. 
(Proto-Förderprogramm from April to July 2015)
Holidu is a global search engine for vacation rentals that compares more than one million holiday homes from all key vacation home websites. Due to Holidu's sophisticated price comparison technology users can save up to 40% on a rental (for the same property and period). 
(EXIST Gründerstipendium from July 2014 to June 2015)
Linguedo is revolutionizing language learning in its current form. Our promise: Faster fluency AND more fun on the way. We can accomplish this by combining an innovative way of teaching with modern software to provide a 360° learning environment for our customers. 
(Proto-Förderprogramm from Sept. 2014 to April 2015)



nearBees focuses on regional consumption and provenance of honey. Therefore we developed an online platform and a packaging solution that deals with requirements in e-commerce. Customers can search the platform for beehives in their immediate vicinity and directly buy local honey.  A novel honey packaging makes online sale of honey economically worthwhile and allows in particular beekeepers with less beehives to simply sell their honey with little investment in time.
(Proto-Förderprogramm from Febr. 2014 to Febr. 2015)


QUISSES is a young startup company specialized in the development of battery-management-systems. We focus on products used in the automotive industry, which aim to be certified by ISO26262. The combination of our innovative ideas and a unit assembly system allows us to provide a wide range of application possibilities located in various industries. 
(Proto-Förderprogramm from March to Sept. 2014, 
EXIST-Gründerstipendium from Sept. 2014 to Aug. 2015)


You can use your time for better things than maintaining the profiles of your contacts in your smartphone addressbook (create new profiles, update profiles, search contact details,…) We have created Addrezzed, your interactive and vanguard Smartphone address book to focus on real connection again! If you have any questions, please don‘t hesitate to send us an e-mail to 
(Proto-Förderprogramm from May 2014 to Jan. 2015)


Baristina offers freshly brewed, high-quality espresso, prepared in a small beverage can, to all coffee drinkers, caffeine-junkies, espresso lovers and bons vivants. Press the start button and the espresso will drip into the cup fitted underneath the can after just a few seconds. How does it work? Baristina combines the well-known elements water, coffee, heat and pressure in an innovative way to offer a unique single-use espresso machine. This makes the consumption of the product independent from its time and location of purchase.  
(Proto-Förderprogramm from April to Dec. 2014)

MdynamiX transforms invention to innovation! We are the link between automotive industry and research institution, in particular Munich University of Appiled Sciences. Our core competences are vehicle dynamics, comfort, noise, vibration, harshness and safety. Our team aims to provide its clients pioneering methods, tools and processes to enable them to efficiently develop „best-in-class“ vehicles. Our trainingprograms are designed to increase our clients know how and equip them with the necessary skills for the automobile future.
(Proto-Förderprogramm from April to Sept. 2014)

IPO – intelligent process optimization. HWM (Handwerksmanager) is a cloud based software which allows a craftsman to handle all administrative processes digitally and thereby easier and lucid. It includes all necessary components to satisfy the craftsman needs and to minimize the clerical activity. 
(Proto-Förderprogramm from July to Dec. 2014)
Applied Nano Research 
Through utilization of nanotechnologies we are about to develop a razor with outstanding properties. For decades, no real innovations have been introduced into the multi-billion market for wet shavers. With our ideas we are going to change that. Currently, we are building our first prototypes.
(Proto-Förderprogramm from March to Aug. 2014)
Mixtable connects two groups of friends – 3 girls, 3 guys - for fun, casual evening get-togethers in bars. On, people can sign-up via Facebook. Post sign-up, members can book an evening when they, together with two friends, want to go out to meet another group of friends. Participants pay a fee upfront, which includes the first drink of their choice. Mixtable suggests the bar, and arranges for another group of three friends to meet them there. Matching is based on the information received at the registration. 
(Proto-Förderprogramm from Aug. 2013 to July 2014)
TalentCity serves as a market place for services, where members are able to act as a service provider as well as a customer. According to our credo „TalentCity – Everyone can do anything!“, we would like to encourage especially individuals to offer their services (e.g. coaching, consulting, care, repair) to the general public. On the other side, of course, users of TalentCity are able to query services on the basis of certrain criteria and to directly book appointments at the respective service provider‘s timetable.
(Proto-Förderprogramm from Aug. 2013 to Aug. 2014)
We are bookaplace and we get sad when incredible venues aren’t used at its best. For us it’s a pleasure, to always connect kind people with the perfect event venue in a comfortable and easy way. Bars and clubs for roaring partys, meeting rooms for succesful business events and castles for fairy-tale weddings. Okay, we don’t already have the moon, but be sure, we are working on it... 
(Proto-Förderprogramm from May 2013 to May 2014)
YAA is an online art and design gallery selling all types of art and design made by art and design students from Europe. This means selling paintings, photographies, objects, sculptures, but also fashion, product and industrial design. These products will be fair in price as they are produced by students. Especially with the art branch they also will have a very good standing in terms of price perfomance over time. 
(Proto-Förderprogramm from July to December 2013)
Projektfirma is a project-based working, training and coaching company for the young ones. We help them to start a professional career full of passion, meaning and value and assist them to change their world for the better. In interdisciplinary team they run through a common creative process and are supported by professional trainers, coaches and mentors. 
(Proto-Förderprogramm from Sept. 2013 to March 2014)
A small task for you: Think of a local grower you trust. Could think of one? But what products does he actually offer? When can I buy these goods? And most important: Are enough goods at the right time available? If you got answers to all these questions you might wonder where to find time to pick up the ordered products. Hoftheke wants to solve all these questions with its virtual market place. Our customers either look up growers in their proximity or search for certain products. Once decided to go for a product they can choose between home-delivery and self-pick-up. Our growers provide pictures and details about their businesses to build up trust. Both are benefitting. Growers can generate higher margins and customers truly know the origin of their ordered goods. 
(Proto-Förderprogramm from June to Nov. 2013)
We develop a new generation bike. It is both be capable of either containing a bottom bracket or an electric engine. Thus, it bridges the gap between Mountain Bikes and Pedelecs. According to requirements, the MTB can be upgraded super easily into a Pedelec. Due to our product, the biker will be able to benefit from the two worlds of biking mentioned. The following specifications are most important to our bike: Easy operation, Maximum functionality, Appealing design, Powerful engine, Intuitional control. 
(EXIST Gründerstipendium from June 2012 to May 2013, MORE-Förderprogramm from June to Nov. 2013)
Siqens develops a new fuel cell technology that combines the benefits of the direct methanol fuel cell (liquid fuel, availability) with the advantages of hydrogen fuel cells (high power output, low costs). 
(EXIST Forschungstransfer untill Oct. 2012, MORE-Förderprogramm from Dec. 2012 to Oct. 2013)
Our product combines personalised printed products with the added values of digital media formats. Users of the innovative solution can link their memories as fotos, videos or panoramic views to postcards, calenders and photobooks.
(MORE-Förderprogramm: Jan - June 2012 & Sept - Nov 2013, EXIST Gründerstipendium: Sept 2012 - Aug 2013)
Project Flexheel 
Project Flexheel is the idea of creating a HighHeel with adjustable heels. It will allow users to adjust the shoe by using different kind of heels in terms of hight, design and color. Thus, the shoe can be worn as a Sandalette or as a classical HighHeel.
(Proto-Förderprogramm: Jan - June 2012, 
EXIST Gründerstipendium: Oct 2012 - Sept 2013)
firstmile is a car- and driverservice, that allows the customer to use the travelling time efficiently and individually. Therefore firstmile adapts to the different mobilityhabits of customers living in urban regions.

REMAsoft developed a software solution, which plans projects and resources automatically. The solution is based on an innovative technology, which uses artificial intelligence in order to gain an optimal planing result.
(Proto-Förderprogramm from Nov 2012 to Feb 2013)

Freeletics is a online community, which provides its members with highly intensive whole body training programs without additional weights or machines. Within the community the members can share and compare their trainings performance or challenge others for a workout. At the same time the members can track their own performance progresses. Freeletics complements the aspect fitness with the components community, performance and competition.
(Proto-Förderprogramm from June 2012 to July 2013)

Pizza Innovazione 
Pizza Innovazione delivers the freshest pizza in town. This is possible through an innovative delivery process, where the pizza is freshly made while delivered to the customer. The delivery pizza of the future can certainly be compared with the Italian original.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Feb to Aug 2012)

popularc is the first internet-portal for architecture and design services in germany. With us, everyone can start a global creative competition for its architectural design-project and get a variety of designs by our creative community in the shortest time. Prize money, duration and the winner ot the competition in this case determines the client. Following the creative competition, the client receives tested offers for implementation, as well as product suggestons from our registered process- and product-partners. An early integration of all involved actors in the project during the design phase is our main goal - "open innovation" and "open architecture". 
(Proto-Förderprogramm from Dec 2012 to May 2013)

MyRoomStyle is a social shopping platform that lets users furnish and decorate their own rooms. The website offers the unique possibility to combine articles from different online providers, allowing users to find their own decoration style and colors. Furniture combinations created on MyRoomStyle can be shared with the community and serve as inspiration to those users still looking for their very own room style. 
(MORE-Förderprogramm from May 2012 to Feb 2013)

joblifters is an online job portal for professional freelancers and projects in the advertising industry in german speaking countries. After a short time agencies and other clients get a selection of available freelancers that suit their needs. Freelancers will only be offered projects that they like and that match their wishes. 
(Proto-Förderprogramm from April to Oct. 2012)

The new videocard from fotovio enables the customer to add a video on his or her holiday- respectively birthdaycard. Record your video, load it up and send the greeting card.
(Proto-Förderprogramm from Aug. 2012 to Jan. 2013)

We plan Europes biggest online platform for ski passes. The business idea from snowbon is based on the introduction of yield management, market segmentation and online purchase within the ski lift industry.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from April 2012 to Jan. 2013)

Munich Distillers
Munich Distillers is the new spirituouse manufacturer and experimental distillery in Munich. The distillery is completely open. Everyone who wants to can interactively participate. Besides the bar and the shop events like show burning, distiller classes and degustations are offered.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from June to Nov. 2012)

ShopFormation offers a customizable interface for the private use of the internet. With the help of the interface non-profit and public facilities (clubs, schools, NGOs and so on) can be supported by the internet user. 
(MORE-Förderprogramm from July to Dec. 2012)

Deliance is a rapidly growing enterprise software company which offers innovative SAP software solutions and products. With our product AppOS you are able to create SAP integrated Business Applications within very short time, without programming. With AppOS you create applications in order to manage business processes like innovation management or event management, … - fast, flexible and of high quality. 
(MORE-Förderprogramm from April to Oct. 2012)

The price comparison site takes users on the fastest and most convenient way to the best tickets deals available – no matter if it's for concerts, comedy or sport events. On every search results, prices will be shown including all shipping and bookings fees. So it's easy for users to find the best ticket for the best price at all times. 
(MORE-Förderprogramm from May to Oct. 2011)

sira munich 
sira munich offers consulting and project management services to companies that are planning to establish corporate child care facilities for their employees. Our services include the whole process, from an extensive demand analysis among the employees, followed by complete project management to running the facility for the company. That way, companies profit from the advantages of corporate child care services without spending too much resources on it and being involved too much. Our aim is to enable people to manage both career and family as well as reducing the loss of know-how in companies and strengthen the relationship between employers and their employees. 
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Febr. to Sept. 2011)

SPYRE connects innovative LED technology with individual design. Therefore the SPYRE team developed new LED panels and effective control technology for the production of multi-dimensional LED products. Applications include high-quality products such as individual light advertising, equipment for trade fairs or for the B2C market.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from March to Sept. 2010, 
EXIST Gründerstipendium from Febr. 2011 to Jan. 2012)

bodyboom is developing an interactive control system for fitness programms in the sector of home fitness.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Nov. 2009 to May 2010 and from June 2011 to April 2012)

FTAPI is concerned with data transfer by a technique that is platform independent and geared to companies requirements. Thanks to a new cryptographic technique FTAPI guarantees a save solution - even in case of server theft.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from March to Aug. 2009) |

Unikat Automat
Our idea is to sell unique designs and artwork in a vending machine. With "Unikat Automat" we give artists a place to market their products, thus marketing themselves, and therefore make their art and design more easily accessible to the public.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Aug. 2010 to Dec. 2011)

algea growth
We focus on the development and production of a cost-efficient photobioreactor, to produce eco-friendly biomass using microalgae. The algae-biomass will be the resource, dependent on the strain of microalgae selected, for the production of e.g. biofuels, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and animal feed.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Oct. 2010 to Dec. 2011)

Pictureplix offers high quality photo book designs for little money. Photo book companies distribute via their webpage this service to their end customers: Simply upload pictures, shortly later receive a great design – which is then printed by the photo book company.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from March to June 2011)

LivingHub stands for an attractive socially responsible life style in urban housing with little ecological impact. Life in a LivingHub allows both to express ones individuality as well as to experience a sense of community. The architecture of a LivingHub includes a variety of rooms for communal use; these are managed professionally. Furthermore, consumer goods are provided for communal usage and household-related services are available.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Febr. to June 2011)

"Take-up" (Unternimm-dich) has to be THE platform for the target student engagement in Munich. We are pushing for innovative projects and social businesses that produce added value for society. There, students are contributing their expertise. We provide students with their own project ideas, a network to realize their ideas.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Oct. to Dec. 2010)

We are currently developing the worlds first funsport sled which features integrated steering and shock absorbers. Because the IceDrake uses carving-skis instead of skids it can perform extremely tight turns – simply by shifting your weight. The shock absorber greatly improves ride control while reducing strain on your back.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Aug. to Dec. 2010)

Seiratherm develops a medical machine to cool down the body temperature.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from June to Dec. 2009)

Distribution of Hard-/Software and Services for energy metering.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from May to Nov. 2010)

perpetuum! consult assists small- and medium sized enterprises implementing systematically corporate social responsibility. Therefore we developed an integrated concept which implicates all interests of SMEs. With lots of creative modules we achieve an accurately fitting solution for these companies. Because all divisions of the SME are considered the enterprise therefore achieves reliability. With different very creative modules within our integrated concept, many requirements can be fitted to the SME so that the costs are payable for them.

Catify is a platform that offers firms to integrate partners and extern applications (like databases and ERP systems) into their processes without programming. 
(MORE-Förderprogramm from May to Oct. 2009)

MindGlobe GmbH
MindGlobe develops the software Brainroutes Pathfinder. It functions as a Navigation tool for digital knowledge. Text, photos, videos and internet bookmarks will not anymore be administered in folders but via a so called Knowledge Map. Data will be cross- linked and can found via a specific search algorithm and can be located on the Knowledge Map.

The Makers 
The purpose of the Project is to develop a special Communicationtool for Restaurants to make the handling for Reservations easier and to create a recognition Feature.

Limata develops and manufactures industry level precision Direct Imaging equipment for the PCB production based on UV LED and UV Laser technology. The unit writes a pattern directly on the PCB coated with a UV sensitive photoresist without the need for an additional mask. This very innovative solution leads to a quantum leap in reducing costs and process time. The Direct Imager is capable of working with rigid, semi-rigid and flexible substrate materials.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Febr. to Aug. 2008)

The team realizes an idea worked out in a course of SCE at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. 

The Daily Scratch 
The Daily Scratch is an innovative homepage in the internet. Modelled on the phenomenon of scratched or painted surfaces in public space, the visitor can leave messages on a virtual surface, into which he directly »scratches« with the mouse. The next visitors will see the latest communication. For viewing the messages he can move over the surface and zoom it in and out.

LED Aquaristik
LED Aquaristik is concerned with lighting of aquaria. The team develops a solution based on LED technology.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from April to Oct. 2009)

OR Electronics GmbH
OR Electronics develops hard- and software for industrial use and helps to advance projects.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from March to Sept. 2009)

Pockhat - an innovative helmet for the urban cyclist.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Jan. to June 2009)

Seficon has developed an innovative system for monitoring customer satisfaction, based upon an apparatus which can e.g. be placed at checkouts. USP of the system is that it is completely independent from the shop’s infrastructure, i.e. "IT" and "organisation" (only a socket is required). The system can quickly and economically ask for customer opinions and create the basis for detection of changes and appropriate measures. Seficon would like to offer the measuring of customer satisfaction combined with commercial interpretations of the obtained data in the form of reports for the management.

Masterwerk GmbH
Masterwerk's idea is to design and produce free standing outdoor heaters that are more aesthetic and efficient.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from March to Sept. 2009)

Zukunftsgeräusche, meaning "sounds of the future", is a project of students from different universitites that realizes artistic and surprising projects in public spaces.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Jan. to June 2009)

SolarShare GmbH
Solarshare is a business model that helps to simplify and expand photovoltaics.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Jan. to July 2009)

eve zap is an interactive night life photo community.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Jan. to June 2009)

eqbo Snowboard Binding System
With a solidly mounted binding on a snowboard the problem is observed that the board directly under niece of the binding cannot be bend (Snowboard binding stiffens the board). We developed a snowboard binding feature which guarantees a harmonic elasticity in bending of the Snowboards. With this new binding the Board runs significantly smoother at high speed. Unevenness of the slopes will be adsorbed and an effective jump will be improved. The real performance of the board will be experienced! 
(MORE-Förderprogramm from June 2008 to June 2009)

Wir bringen LEBEN in die SCHAUFENSTER der STADT
Clipscreen offers companies and retail an innovative Marketing concept. This will present both emotional and informative advertising messages in an impressive new way. With Clipscreen we offer a novel media form of sales approach. Retail shops have the opportunity to show advertisements on a free monitor within their shop window. Through the division of the monitor screen we will offer advertising companies advertising space which they can utilize to specifically address their customer base.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from June to December 2008)

Studipoint is a new and innovative approach to impart knowledge to students in a sustainable way. We want to communicate mathematics in a simple manner to present clear structures which make it easier for students to learn and understand the important facts whose are necessary to pass the exams. Quality is our concern therefore we focus on highly trained coaches and small learning groups. Valuable partnerships support our intent. Generation of self-confidence due to a broader horizon of our students has top priority and will simplify everyday life.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Jan. to June 2009)

Child Care Company GmbH 
Child Care Company GmbH opens their doors on 1. August 2008 their first private bilingual day nursery. It is located at Ungererstraße 137, Munch in Schwabing. Our small children care service in Munch offers various additional services such as Pick-up-, Babysitter- und “Tagesmutter” –Service (daycare services at home). 
(MORE-Förderprogramm from March to Aug. 2008)

Lichtsteuerung 2.0
We are working on the development and commercialization of an intelligent light control system. This offers to control all existing standard lights in a room via the current network. 
(MORE-Förderprogramm from April to Oct. 2008)

Sehnsucht nach Kurven
The aim of our venture is the establishment of MotorradTouren. MotorradTouren is an innovative easy to use Online?Platform to plan your motorbike tours. Motorbike drives can search for tours, plan and administer previous tours and share them with friends. 
(MORE-Förderprogramm from May to Nov. 2008)

SEGIN develops a digital pedestrian navigation and information system for large buildings and areas. Außergewöhnlich ist dabei die Implementierung von mit Koordinaten versehenen und weiterführenden Informationen überlagerten Fotos. The user can navigate him-/herself in an optimal way without an active positioning system. Additionally, he/she can profit from specific information about that location.
(MORE-Förderprogramm from Jan. to June 2009)

secumem GmbH
secumem GmbH develops, produces and commercializes products of secure memory. Threx, the first product, has been optimized for the daily saving of important digital data for small and medium enterprises (sme). The principal of Threx can be described as a special safe equipped with a computer port. It works automatically, saving costs and time for the enterprise. 
EXIST-SEED-Förderprogramm from May 2007 to April 2008)

Artificial Technology GmbH
Artificial Technology GmbH offers developers of computer and video games with EKI One a comprehensive software solution for emotional and artificial intelligence. EKI One makes computer and video games what they ought to be: Intelligent entertainment with emotional depth!
(Start of funding program: 2006)