Industry: Health

WHISP is a fast digital self-service that helps students, expats and companies with international employees with the frustrating process of getting access to residency permits and healthcare abroad. We save time, money and hassle by simplifying access to public health care abroad. Our services provide a quick way to navigate the foreign administration. Our vision is to become the go-to platform on how to "health-care" abroad. We believe in automation and digitization as a tool to transform the frustrating bureaucratic practices worldwide.

Funding program: eBridge


H+Y for Innovation


Industry: Production & Manufacturing, Health

The H+Y nano air conditioning system can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes and features an advanced air purification system made of nano materials that helps remove dangerous airborne vectors such as viruses, germs and bacteria (SARS-CoV-2) as well as dust, pollen, smoke and other irritants from the air.

We also focus on developing sustainable technologies to mitigate global warming by implementing an energy-saving and environmentally friendly air conditioning system that not only reduces air pollutants, but also electricity consumption.

Funding program: eBridge 



Industry: Finance & Fintech 

Pigtie provides you with the first step to grow your financial self. Their Micro Investing solution helps you to automatically invest your spare change and easily integrate financial planning into your everyday life.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate, EXIST




Industry: Health

Aponia offers pharmacies in Germany a new service platform for sale, consultation and delivery of medicines. The service platform combines IT and pharmacy-specific logistics services. Through integration into the pharmacy's processes and intelligent route planning, Aponia can realize same-day delivery 3 hours after order. In addition, Aponia offers a plannable time window delivery. Pharmacists increase their sales significantly, as they can still convert unavailable medicines into additional sales.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate, EXIST




Industry: Mobility

Clonck is a cross-platform web application developed specifically for grease monkeys, which covers the complete process of self-assisted vehicle repair. The application offers the original repair manuals of the various vehicle manufacturers. This means that all common repair work, from a simple wheel change, to the replacement of a wing mirror or brake pads, can be carried out autonomously and safely. In addition to the repair manuals, Clonck includes a marketplace for the purchase and sale of car parts.

Funding program: FLÜGGE




Industry: Food & Beverage

OrangeBee is a food differentiation brand that values parts of foods from the Mediterranean culture and integrates them into new food products that stimulate changes in eating and consumption habits. From by-products of the food industry, OrangeBee produces fermented preparations with a fruity flavor, at a competitive price, with pleasant taste and appealing appearance. It is attractive to a wide range of consumers, including selective markets. In this way, the brand contributes to the sustainable use of food resources and promotes conscious consumption of food and people's awareness of the impact that food has on the planet.

Funding program: eBridge

Sub Capitals


Industry: Finance & Fintech

Sub Capitals is the financial service provider that democratizes artificial intelligence for private investors. We are convinced that private investors should have the same resources at their disposal as the big players on the financial market. We want to eliminate the feeling of inferiority of private investors in the financial market due to lack of time or lack of expertise. For this purpose we offer a transparent and autonomous artificial intelligence, which takes over your portfolio for you. With the goal: above-average-returns.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate


Electric Flytrain


Industry: Mobility

Electric Flytrain develops electric powertrains for aircraft.

We leverage our expertise regarding electrification from the automotive industry and develop turn-key electric powertrain systems for the aviation industry. As a supplier to aircraft manufacturers, we enable the next generation fo electric aircraft.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate, KickStart@HM


Cents & Homes


Industry: Real Estate & Construction 

Cents’n’Homes is a service suite that provides an end-to-end experience for real estate investors. By aggregating available market data and applying machine learning to further enhance it, Cents’n’Homes enables the investors to make their decisions based on facts rather than intuition. Starting from location search and analysis, we support our customers with all the complimentary services through an integrated network of partners and experts: real estate agents, mortgage brokers, developers, and more.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate




Industry: Sustainability

The greatest challenges of our time can never be solved by one person or organization alone - we have to cooperate. We are therefore creating a platform in Munich in which stakeholders from industry, government, academia and civil society actively promote the circular future of the city. Circular Munich is the first online and offline platform in Munich with the focus on supporting and accelerating the transformation towards a circular city.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate


Orbit Audio


Industry: Media & Communication

Orbit Audio is developing a desktop application that combines all the resources needed to produce music in one interface. 

Software can be purchased from a store and is kept up to date in a library.

With Orbit Audio, the artist can fully focus on producing his music.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate



Industry: Mobility

Bikepick is an IT-based bicycle workshop which provides a state-of-the-art and convenient booking system. Bicycles are collected at the customers place, serviced and dropped off at a requested location. Our motto is: „Bicycle repair has never been that easy“

Funding program: Start-up Certificate



Industry: Media & Communication 

Would you say that you have frequent contact with your grandparents? We neither. enna is the walking aid for the elderly in the digital world. enna has the same features as a smartphone and is as easy to use as a light switch. We make video communication with family possible and enable digital entertainment and assisted living. Making communication with your grandparents as easy as with your friends, while giving the seniors a great pleasure.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate




Industry: Health

Kalia is the mental health smartphone app for breastcancer patients. Based on a short anamnesis our machine learning algorithm recommends the user short psychological courses adjusted to her individual mental needs. By doing so we help our user to increase her quality of life and fill the structural gap in psychooncological care.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate




Industry: Health

Arzt-Gesucht is a solution to improve pre-clinical patient allocation by an  optimized self-assessment of low-risk patients.
Patients receive brief information on the functioning/hierarchy of the medical emergency system (116117, emergency department, on-call emergency service etc.), as well as case examples. This is, to optimally assign individual patients to the appropriate place in the medical system.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate




Industry: Media & Communication

Meetastic - the stress-free way to meet friends

Using the Meetastic app, leisure group activities can be organized stress-free by finding a common date, meeting place and perfect restaurant - without WhatsApp ping-pong. Thanks to smart technology, more time is left for friends, family and social activities. Our vision goes beyond restaurant visits: In the long term, the app will be expanded to include other leisure activities for groups  such as self-organized cooking evenings, visits to the cinema and sports activities. Additionally we will introduce new partnerships to extend our services. 

It’s very easy: All friends enter their availability, locations and wishes via a personalized poll. The Meetastic algorithm matches all preferences and automatically organizes the perfect meet-up: with a suitable date, well-located meeting place and the perfect restaurant including online reservation.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate




Industry: Consumer Goods

Neozoon is a truly mobile, battery powered lamp. 

Thanks to its big suction cup, you can stick it on nearly any surface. Completely residue free, it can be mounted and dismounted within a matter of seconds! 

Neozoon gives you total creative freedom, flexibility and independency.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate


Rising Foil


Industry: Mobility

RisingFoil is a supplier of electric drive systems for electromobility on the water with the focus on equipment for watersports. The market enter product is an integrated drive unit for an electric hydrofoil surfboard.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate



Industry: Social Entrepreneurship

Trustloop is a digital platform that turns people’s attention into corporate donations for environmental and social projects. We help…

  • NGOs to fund their projects and increase online awareness
    for them as well as for the problems they try to solve.

  • Committed Companies to position themselves as
    sustainable brands with high employer attractiveness.

  • People to create an impact and participate in good causes, without spending their own money.


Funding program: Start-up Certificate




Industry: Internet of Things (IoT)

WeconnectAI aims to cause a market penetration of Artificial Intelligence in German SMEs in the short term with products and a unique implementation process. Their first product is an AI software solution that generates profitable cost savings after the first minute in the company and brings transparency to the quotation process of each individual customer.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate




Industry: Med Tech

Axon is developing an intelligent T-Shirt that collects long-term data on back pains. This data is able to identify short-term muscle strains as well as causes of long-lasting back pain problems and helps to treat them preventively by means of individual instructions.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate



Industry: Brand & Retail

The system-toy BUDDI gives children the freedom to play in a creative way. Different elements can be put together to get the perfect combination for every occasion.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate




Industry: Mobility

„Ride your drinks!“

…whether for doing the weekly grocery, the way to the next party or a relaxing day with friends in the park. Funcoo is your high-quality attachment for the bicycle rack, which allows you to easily transport your drinks just anywhere you want by bike. Assembled in just three steps, you can hang up your beverage crates on just one or both sides and start cycling immediately. Finding a parking space and dragging boxes turns into a fun and relaxed bike tour - without any CO2 emissions! With funcoo you can leave your car behind and thereby contribute to climate protection.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate




Industry: Mobility

drive&act rewards sustainable mobility! Through their connected car data, users collect virtual coins in the drive&act app. The integrated rewards shop incentivizes to drive more sustainably, save costs through lower consumption and maintenance, and enables car owners who rely on individual mobility to travel more sustainably.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate




Industry: Ad & Marketing

adconomy is an affordable and effective method of micro-influencer marketing. The B2B solution is attractive for companies from start-ups to large brands, as it makes it easy to get started in social media marketing and gives even well-known brands a boost in reach on a very personal level.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate




Industry: Finance & Fintech

Newgate is developing a comprehensive AI-powered data analytics platform for financial institutions, providing deep insights into market, news and fundamental data, helping to reduce risks and increase returns while seamlessly integrating into existing IT systems.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate



Industry: Mobility

SKI NAVI is a navigation system for the ski slope. We take care that your ski day becomes less stressful and you can concentrate on what gives you the greatest joy on a beautiful day on the slopes - skiing or snowboarding itself.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate




Industry: Food & Beverage

Cabosse sells vegan and luxury cocoa-based spreads. The texture of Kboss is smooth. A delicious peanut butter is added at the end of production. The product is sold in an elegant glass. As players in the vegan, organic and healthy trend, we want to participate in the diet change of all our customers.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate





Industry: Animal Tech

AniCen creates products with animal-centric design for an animal-friendly & pawsome life! This means that in addition to the needs of the human customer (owner), the needs of the user (animal) are just as important.

Our initial product is the first dog transport solution for cars that offers crash-tested safety and maximum comfort for humans and dogs and can be used with all rational dog-car combinations. Additionally, it will be the first solution in the market that includes a smart component to monitor the relevant parameters of the dog’s environment and to adjust it automatically if they deviate from the ideal state.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate, FLÜGGE


Deployables Cubed


Industry: New Space

In space, the trend goes towards small and standardized satellites, allowing economic access to space. The small size of these satellites is also limiting greatly the missions that the satellite can fulfill. A way around this limitation is the use of deployable structures like appendices, antennas or sails which are unfolded once in orbit allowing new high-performance applications that are currently only possible with larger satellites. To tackle this problem, the Munich based new space company Deployables Cubed develops miniature actuators and deployables with the goal to achieve Europe’s non-dependence on these miniature actuators and the deployables they enable. Furthermore, the team of Deployables Cubed GmbH is using their heritage in inflatable structure to design novel kind of decelerators for planetary aerobraking and landing for also bigger spacecrafts.

Funding program: Start-up Certificate, EXIST


Munich Mountain Girls


The Munich Mountain Girls are a group of mountain enthusiasts from Munich who have made it their goal to bring more women into the mountains. It's not about top performance or competition. Rather, it is about getting other women enthusiastic about the mountains, inspiring them, motivating them and exchanging experiences.



Previondo is a digital health startup that develops "Smokify", a digital solution for smoking cessation.

The solution is based on validated methods of cognitive behavioral therapy and combines them with gamification elements.

Users go through a 3-month course within the app, which prepares them to quit smoking and maintain abstinence. Smokify is recognized by health insurance companies as a reimbursable solution, so users do not have to pay any costs.




jesango becomes the first shopping community for fair fashion and sustainable lifestyle. Carefully selected products from unique labels, exclusive offers and a modern customer journey leave no excuses for not shopping fair. Since we see ourselves as a social business, we want to support charitable projects that promote fair and sustainable fashion production with every order, and we are constantly working on a transparent value chain. 




PUNCH OUT your potential!

Welcome to our DIGITAL DOJO!

You will learn how to control your mind, your emotions, your body.

You will meet like-minded people, accompanying you on your journey to YOU 2.0.

You will make friends, you will find inner peace, you will grow stronger than you could have ever imagined.

Train with us and the rest of the pack on- and offline.

Learn to punch out your potential and join us on the forefront of the war against stress, physical degradation and loneliness.

See you on the battlefield we call life!




Paretos has specialized in using AI-based methods and techniques to systematically sound out the potential of new technologies. Innovative AI-based algorithms systematically create the space for possible solutions - especially in a technologically disruptive context - analyze their potential and, based on this, identify the best solutions for defined use cases or quantify their trade-offs.




Using artificial intelligence, the ReadNext AI suggests suitable articles to the reader for further reading.  Online news platforms and blogs can easily integrate the ReadNext-KI to keep the reader longer on the platform by suggesting relevant articles. Billing is done via Pay-Per-Use as a recommendation-as-a-service.




WYE stands for customizable as well as sustainable design experiences & statement pieces - that make every apartment, every workplace and every café something special.

Our innovative material Neolign® sets new ecological standards: based on 83% renewable raw materials, upcycling of the by-product wood chip and recycling of the products in a unique "cradle-to-cradle" cycle.




CyFract is dedicated to one of the most important global challenges: water supply. We are developing a new type of uniflow hydrocyclone. The patented CyFract technology represents an innovation leap in cyclone separation. In existing cyclones, particles are separated by centrifugal forces. Beyond this state of the art, CyFract uses the more dominant fluid forces. In consequence, CyFract is an unique approach to separate suspended particles from water. The separation is achieved by a specially drawn flow tube in combination with a center body. Our system will realize the pre-cleaning of sea water in desalination plants cost-efficient, energy-efficient and eco-friendly. We are going to enter the market with a self-produced drop-in system with a capacity of 10 m3/h.


Herr Tillmann


Our cuddly monkey Mr. Tillmann stands for tolerance, respect and joy. Mr. Tillmann's mission is to draw attention to the work of people with disabilities and to sensitize parents and children to the topic of inclusion. 
The label does this through high-quality, fair-produced products manufactured by people with disabilities and through continuous brand building in online retailing. Thus, not only do workshops for people with disabilities experience a long-term increase in production, but buyers also receive valuable and sustainable products that should not be missing in any child's room.




Talendu is the online platform for workshops and seminars. We enable you to find the right workshop in your area. We help trainers to present their offerings professionally on talendu.de and ensure greater reach and customers. At the same time, we offer effective and time-saving customer, appointment, and invoice management.




ROKIN is an online platform that uses crawling algorithms to automatically collect information on the latest technologies on the Internet, selects them using machine learning, and presents them clearly in profiles. Using the online platform, employees in industrial companies can quickly identify relevant technologies for themselves to develop innovative products, processes or services. "ROKIN is the tinder for technology brokerage."




Since the 90s, the snowboard has become an indispensable part of the snow-covered slopes - it has always been very popular, especially among the younger generation. But the board has a decisive disadvantage: the cumbersome and time-consuming entry into and exit from the snowboard binding. With our patented "click binding", this problem is solved in no time at all: In the future, it will be possible to strap on and off without any problems while standing and even while riding slowly - and without having to buy new boots or compromise on power transmission (riding feel).




Cesonia is helping organizations to manage data of all kinds as well as of different sources more efficiently. By connecting decentralized data sources and systems, it provides an easy, flexible, and secure way to access and share data within the organization but also with external partners through a virtual data layer and a global business network. Supporting on-premise and cloud based data sources and systems, Cesonia reduces redundancies and resources. It provides a convenient but agile way to merge data and provide a holistic view. The Cesonia business network can also serve as a global data backbone to enterprise applications, such as business intelligence and analytic tools by allocating data in real-time.




Mcity AI develops a sensor setup with data processing modules and cameras for the use of artificial intelligence that can detect and predict various situations. Through our sensor setup, a city can collect privacy-compliant information and adaptively respond to problems and special circumstances.




First there was the sunburn - and then an idea: How about a sensor on the sun hat that warns me in time of too much sun? ajuma has the solution: A UV sensor that is attached to the clothing. This UV sensor is coupled with the appropriate app and warns the user in time before exceeding his daily UV maximum dose.




At ComCapital, we are developing a 2-sided marketplace with a focus on existing real estate. For this purpose, real estate bonds are mapped on the blockchain and the asset class is made accessible via crowdinvesting. Liquidity of real estate, diversification of its investments and the direct connection of investor and bond issuer are our focus here.




AIVENTA organizes every desired event in structured interaction with the customer in different price regions. As a digital, interactive event manager, AIVENTA guides and supports the customer in the conception, idea development, planning, organization and execution of events. AIVENTA ensures a precise AI-supported matching of individual customer wishes and specific services in the event sector.




URGROW offers you a self-sufficient, modular and interactive hydroponic system for growing herbs and vegetables in your home. No space, no time, no know-how - no problem with URGROW. The system fits in any home, takes less than 20 minutes a week to maintain, and our app gives you all the info you need. Together, we're making our cities green.




The transition to new mobility is essential for sustainable and livable cities. That's why we create awareness for alternative means of transportation and simplify access to mobility information. Veomo is the visualization software of mobility 4.0. Veomo provides real-time information on available mobility on large monitors, offering a modern service, reducing car parking and promoting sustainability.




Icenine is a new way to enjoy cocktails. It describes bite-sized ice cubes that are hollow inside and filled with an alcoholic beverage. Due to the lower freezing point of alcohol, the core remains liquid and the shell frozen. The result is a unique taste experience.




PIONIERKRAFT enables the sharing of self-generated energy with neighborhood households with a new, innovative solution. This increases the share of renewable energy that can be used locally, gives more people access to affordable energy, and allows existing and newly installed PV systems to be operated more efficiently and profitably. The heart of the so-called "private grid coupling" is the grid coupler. This transmits surplus generated energy, depending on consumption and generation, via a grid-parallel, private line between two or, in the future, several house grids. 




More than ever before, society in the 21st century is characterized by the increasing need for mobility. This not only relates to commuters, but extends from trade fair visits to family outings and leisure activities. By producing a revolutionary vehicle, we will redefine urban mobility. High-tech materials and a highly integrated design enable us to produce a lightweight electric micro-vehicle that is above all suitable for everyday use. Our product is the answer to the mobility issues of the future. 




High-tech, precision, design - the Spyra One will make you the final boss in any water battle. Spyra builds the Super Soaker of the 21st century. With automatic single shots, digital ammunition display and electronic tank filling in just 10 seconds.





TANGANY offers a technological solution for companies to use Blockchain. They integrate Blockchain easily and securely into their systems using our modern API. The product "Wallet as a Service" takes care of the storage of private keys in the cloud as well as Blockchain access via a stable node infrastructure. This saves a lot of development time and costs, as these services do not have to be developed in-house. In addition, usability is increased enormously for customers and users due to the simplified usability.




etaEM is a game-changer in the wireless charging space: a compact, light, safe and cost-efficient inductive charging system. Our technology eradicates E- and B- stray-fields by design, is highly resonant and allows for efficient power transduction while minimizing losses. It is scalable in size and suitable for a multitude of applications and sectors such as industrial and mobility applications amongst others.




Mcubus is revolutionizing the material supply for 3D printing. Through various innovative devices and methods, more users are led to the exciting 3D printing technology. Make your own filament, completely customize the shape and amount of material, and discover a new world of efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability! Select the colors for each project directly during printing and simply reprocess old and failed prints. 




Watermelon is for digitally engaged young women who want an alternative to smartphone-impairing and difficult to use accessories. Our product is a beautiful waterproof smartphone capsule, for situational use in the bath & shower, that is elegantly designed and easy to use. Unlike other waterproof cases on the market, Watermelon enables your smartphone‘s touchscreen to work while wet, or even while underwater.



deep.ONE creates an entirely new music and gaming device. Worn around the neck, four VibrationPads, two in the front and two in the back, inject the bass of any audio signal into your upper body through body sound. Combined with your headphones, you'll dive deeper into PC games/VRs than ever before and listen to music in ways you've never experienced before.A special social impact is that hearing-impaired people can use the device to access music again, giving them back a lost aspect of daily life.






HiCrypto provides automated and customized portfolio analysis to private investors in the cryptocurrency space. We help users better understand their investments, reduce risks and make investment suggestions that fit the interests of the individual user. This is made possible by an algorithm that evaluates investment developments of other users, market data and crypto financial solutions, such as funds, and matches them with user interests. The first personal crypto investment assistant. 




TrainYourTeam is an app that makes it possible to outsource running from team training. This way, coaches and players save time and can focus on other elements. The software helps to improve the training of an individual and that of a team. It also makes it easier for the coach and his players to get an overview of their fitness.




We offer innovative advertising space on smart mirrors. Our vision is to increase the functionality of the mirror by displaying digital content without losing the traditional function of the mirror - reflection. Through interactive advertising content, we enable our customers to market their products and services even more efficiently.




APICBEAM offers a revolutionary display technology with three unique image properties: We free images from the two-dimensional screen and unite the entire image information in a narrow line of light. We create free-floating, hologram-like images in the middle of the room. Our patented and cost-effective device automatically aligns all images and videos for all viewers simultaneously. This all-round visibility is not achievable with any other technology. For the future, we want to develop communication technologies that enable a collaborative and immersive viewing experience.




Our featherweight e-bike with innovative TronicDrive combines the advantages of a pedelec with the classic feel and design of a conventional bicycle. The battery and drive are well hidden and optimally integrated in the wheel hubs, giving the bike invisible super power for up to 80 km. At just under 13 kg, the e-bike is a true lightweight and weighs half as much as a conventional electric bike. The motor assistance can be infinitely varied via an app. The bike battery can also be used as a mobile energy source.




You have an innovative product and want to market it quickly so that you have enough of an edge over your competitors? We help you enter and expand the market - regardless of whether you are a start-up or an established company. D OPENER opens the doors to your potential new customers thanks to selected market experts.




rapitag is the first smart EAS anti-theft device for stationary non-food retail. With the rapitag attached to the goods and his smartphone, the customer can pay for and unlock his goods anywhere and at any time in the shop, the goods themselves become the actual point-of-sale - and the annoying checkout line is eliminated! Scan - Pay & Go. After a successful purchase, the rapitag can be easily removed and reused. The devices remain in the shop at all times and offer the retailer a high level of theft protection. 




feastr is your digital nutrition advisor who creates a healthy, individual and goal-oriented nutrition plan for you every week. Our innovative shopping list including delivery service makes shopping a breeze. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or simply eat delicious food. From the normal person, to the omnivorous foodie, to the fitness-crazy vegan. Our app adapts to everyone. 




One coat, endless styles!

Thanks to Tozy, every woman can be her own designer. Thanks to the interchangeable design elements of the Tozy trench coat, it can be put together again and again. It doesn't matter if the fashion trend, the weather or the everyday situation changes. Tozy remains your favourite piece of clothing, no matter what external factors arise. 




Orthofy revolutionises the production of orthoses and prostheses using 3D printing technology. This is done using 3D scanners already available in the specialised trade. A high degree of automation relieves technicians and specialists, allowing them to concentrate on their main task - advising customers. 




An app that lets you order breakfast on the go: With this simple idea, the pkup team wants to enable bakeries and kiosks to enter digital commerce. Customers should be able to order coffee, croissants and rolls in advance on their mobile phones and pick them up at the bakery on time and without having to wait.


Orthopädie & Traumatologie Medizintechnik (ehem. PolyAxNail)


We develop innovative implants for trauma surgery. Our first product ready for series production - the PolyAxNail® PH is a multi-patented implant for minimally invasive and individually adjustable treatment of humeral fractures - has been exclusively licensed for Europe by an established German implant manufacturer and has been presented and awarded several times at international trade fairs. The aim is to transfer this platform technology to other anatomies and to address further markets.




The founders of Stakeart have set themselves the task of bringing a high-quality, customisable table grill onto the market. As a variation on a traditional skewer grill, this product has not shed its original characteristics, but has been modularly expanded with new ones - such as a grill grate, a teppanyaki, salt stone or cedar wood plate. This makes barbecuing together a social event in a class of its own. In addition, the grill fulfils high demands on modern design and ensures hand-warm outer skin temperatures during operation, despite its compact construction.




JobNinja is the digital and disruptive solution to bridge the gap between job seekers (Generation Y) and employers. Job seekers are offered the opportunity to apply for jobs with our app by swiping. Companies save a lot of time and money in the selection of applicants thanks to innovative matching algorithms. 




Feierabendglück is an organic gift bag that is sold to companies for their employees. It has a double positive effect: on the one hand, each gift bag contains regional organic ingredients including a recipe for a delicious and healthy after-work meal. On the other hand, each Feierabendglück buys free soil for organic cultivation. Soil is the basis for 95% of our food and organic farming is the only form of cultivation that preserves this basis of life.




Ñammy is an inexpensive and easy-to-use do-it-yourself online marketing tool for the gastronomy and retail sector. The restaurateur can use the application to upload his daily updated offers to the Ñammy platform. These are also automatically distributed to all other social media channels and other online presences. Ñammy offers the user a direct overview of gastronomic offers in his immediate vicinity, which saves him time and money.



The Wavemaker 3000 is a construction that creates a standing wave in flowing waters. This can be used by surfers for training and recreational purposes. The WaveMaker 3000 is characterised by a particularly sustainable operating principle: The energy required to generate the wave is supplied exclusively by the current of the body of water.



The HeatBox is a high-quality lunch box that allows food to be heated at the touch of a button, regardless of time and place.





Toposens is developing a new methodology in 3D sensor technology, which has various possible applications. The method makes it possible to produce cheaper and more energy-efficient 3D sensors than those currently available on the market. The advantages over existing competitor products open up various sales opportunities, for example in the smart home or automotive sector.






SponsorMio is the new platform for authentic marketing. When it comes to realising a project, adventurous people - our Heroes - often lack the necessary equipment or financial support. SponsorMio changes this and connects the Heroes with supportive companies. On the other hand, sponsors have the opportunity to generate valuable content with little means and to link their company with interesting personalities.




With the development of 3D printing, current supply chains will be disrupted; goods will no longer be shipped as physical objects but will travel as digital files until being produced locally by subsidiaries, partners or customers equipped with a 3D printer. 3dTrust ensures the secure transfer of your digital files by providing a digital supply network. Our network uses a streaming technology which enables communication with distant 3D printers while maintaining control over your products and design files. 






We are different! The fitness community that doesn't reduce you to your body SCREAM GENETIC - the unique Munich community that combines fitness sport and mental improvement into one revolutionary unit. Together we turn the city into our gym and completely redefine fitness sports.

Hotel Check


The team is developing a business intelligence system for the sustainability management and marketing of accommodation businesses (Hotel-Check). The web-based application includes all steps from the input to the analysis of data to the identification of measures and enables monitoring over time. For marketing purposes, an additional connection to online booking systems is created. The tool is partially automated and can therefore be used with minimal effort. 





timeBro is an automatic time recording software that recognises working hours by algorithm and immediately assigns them to the respective projects. Employees in the service sector are thus spared the daily estimation and filling in of timesheets. Instead, they check the recorded working times briefly at the end of the week and create their timesheets at the click of a button. This way, management gets realistic hourly totals for project planning and gains capacities at the same time. 




wheeLock develops a quick-release lock for bicycle wheels and saddles with an integrated combination lock. This represents a novel combination of flexibility and security. The flexibility of a quick release is maintained while at the same time wheels and saddle are protected against theft. This is the unique selling point of this system, which allows the customer to disassemble quickly without tools, but prevents theft.






querfeld develops a marketing strategy for non-standard fruit & vegetables with minor aesthetic flaws. Against the background of massive waste of resources, the declared goal is to make the crooked cucumber, the two-legged carrot and the heart-shaped potato presentable again and to offer them to a broad public in organic quality - because taste is not a question of appearance.






Anuuk wants to help young people change the world with new ways of thinking and technologies. For this purpose, Anuuk is developing an interactive coach that enables individual learning. Through project-based work, knowledge can be directly applied and implemented in one's own ideas. 



With the design light display we want to place an interactive and aesthetically differentiated product in the mood light sector. For this purpose, we combine chromatic filters with LED and can produce a versatile playable product via a special process. The product can thus generate a new and qualitative lighting experience for the customer, who can thus act much more intensively with light in space. 




Material flow management for paper production includes an overall view of the paper production process. The processes involved in raw material, water and energy utilization, as well as air technology, are taken into account, as are production as such and process planning. In the sense of the future project "Industry 4.0", future operating conditions are simulated and optimization potential is identified. 




With ZappTales you can immortalize your WhatsApp chats. Because many of these digital conversations are very valuable and deserve not to be forgotten. Now you have the opportunity to create a unique book from these chats and have it delivered to your home. An ideal gift for friends and loved ones. You also have the option to get your book as a PDF.




spacesharing.eu is an online marketplace for the procurement of temporary commercial spaces. This includes conference and event rooms, coworking spaces and offices of all kinds. The platform offers added value for room seekers and room providers. Searchers can compare and rate a large number of rooms and book them in real time. Providers benefit from spacesharing.eu taking over all process steps of the booking and a better utilization of their capacities through an additional sales channel.




The DRUBE, a combination of clothes horse and stool, offers a space-saving alternative to the classic clothes horse in view of the ever-increasing shortage of living space in large cities. Thanks to an attractive design and easy handling, customers can transform a stool that fits ideally into their living space into a clothes horse in no time at all, which is not only convincing in terms of quality but also in terms of appearance.





Women who try to dress according to the ever-changing fashion trends, often face the problem that they do not know what is modern and trendy. If they do have an idea of what they want to buy, they often don't know where to get their outfits at a good price-performance ratio. This is especially true for the crowning glory of any outfit, the jewelry. Since trends change so quickly, fashion jewelry is usually used. For costume jewelry in particular, the market on the Internet is still little penetrated compared to shoes or clothes in general. Which makes the search for the I-Tüpfelchen more difficult. To remedy this problem, we want to create a contemporary e-commerce platform for fashion jewelry. 



storytile is the first German agency to specialize in providing multimedia live news. In addition to providing photographers and editors, storytile also offers its own platform, which can be adapted for news portals and company websites.




The Kids clothes box of stylinis.de lends high-quality mark child clothes and shoes in the monthly Abo. Only clothes that live up to the company's philosophy "Save, discover and consume sustainably" make it into the box. So our customers can save up to 90% with the Kids-Kleider-Kiste and discover new designers and small eco-labels at the same time.



Ibalopo develops an incentive for couples and relationships. Together with experienced therapists and psychologists we are working on a concept which is unique so far. We focus on trust, consistency and passion for the sustainable strengthening and consolidation of the partnership. We focus on two main aspects. In addition to a coordinated online platform on the topic of love and relationships, we are developing a unique monthly box. This is intended to motivate couples to embellish their relationship themselves.







Soulchef is the easiest way to eat healthy for a long time! Enjoy daily culinary delights, fresh from the market and of the highest quality. That means the healthiest food, from the most talented chefs, straight to your door!




adnymics GmbH has developed a web analytics and production system that allows online retailers to produce package inserts tailored to each individual online shopper. Each insert contains targeted product offers and is individualized down to the last detail. The so-called "intelligent package inserts" are produced in the form of high-quality brochures directly in the logistics of online retailers and then sent to the online shopper with the package. 




With our tool, we revolutionize the way organizers communicate their events and thus raise the quality of disseminated event information to a new level. Instead of maintaining and updating information multiple times on all relevant interfaces such as Facebook, homepage and press contacts, we create a way to efficiently publish all channels bundled on just one One-4-All platform. Media partners can automatically fill their event database with our service in a fraction of the previous effort. 




We want to systematically provide organizations in advance with information about the true needs and likely reactions of their customers/stakeholders. Organizations should thereby be enabled to adapt their offers and their communication accordingly in order to generate positive response in a targeted manner. 


Running Bavarian


The Running Bavarian stands for traditional Bavarian cuisine, which perfectly meets the demands of today's society for healthy nutrition, efficient use of time and high-quality food. The core component of the Running Bavarian restaurant is a conveyor belt on which the hot dishes are passed by the guests' seats, ready to be prepared. The smaller portions offer guests the opportunity to customize their meal from a rich palette of authentic Bavarian dishes. Together with the kitchen housed in the guest room, the restaurant is a special experience, not only for tourists.



kultamour is an online platform where people get to know each other through their common interest in culture and the booking of an event. After you have created a profile, you can select one or more events that interest you, exchange ideas with like-minded people, book tickets and get to know each other at the event. It is up to our users to decide whether an intense cultural friendship or a great love affair will result. Nothing is mandatory, but everything is possible. 




Holidu is from Munich and develops a global search engine and price comparison platform for vacation apartments and vacation homes. On www.holidu.de vacation home offers from all major vacation home sites can be compared in a single search. 




vario is a continuously variable transmission for bicycles and e-bikes. The gearshift is integrated into the rear wheel hub and is therefore particularly suitable for e-bikes with mid-mounted motors. Low weight, a unique ratio range and low friction combined with the stepless shifting process allow not only efficient operation of the transmission, but also of the man - machine system.



Linguedo will revolutionize language teaching in its current form. Our customer promise: Faster learning success with more enjoyment in the classroom at the same time. We realize this through an innovative course methodology combined with the use of modern software, creating a 360° learning experience for our customers. 




nearBees re-regionalizes honey consumption with the help of an online platform and a packaging solution designed for e-commerce. Customers can search for bee colonies in their immediate vicinity on the platform and purchase their honey directly. The innovative packaging makes the online sale of honey economically viable and enables smaller beekeepers in particular to distribute their bees' honey regionally easily and without a great deal of time. 




QISSES is a young start-up company specialized in the development of battery management systems. One of our core competences is to develop products for the automotive sector, which are certified according to ISO26262. Due to our innovative approach and our unique modular system, there are countless application possibilities in various industries worldwide. 



You can spend your time on more useful things than contact management (creating new contacts, updating outdated contact details, searching contacts in the address book,...). That's why we build Addrezzed, your interactive and avant-garde smartphone address book!



Baristina offers all coffee drinkers, caffeine junkies, espresso lovers and pleasure seekers freshly brewed, high-quality espresso, prepared in a small beverage can. A "push of a button" is all it takes for the espresso to drip into the espresso cup located under the can after a short time. How does it work? Baristina combines the building blocks of water, coffee, heat and pressure in an innovative way to create a unique disposable espresso machine. Enjoying our espresso is independent of time and place, thus breaking the link between purchase and consumption. 



We transfer invention to innovation! MdynamiX builds the bridge between the automotive industry and research institutions, especially the University of Applied Sciences Munich. Our goal is to provide innovative methods, tools and processes that enable customers to efficiently develop "best-in-class" vehicles in terms of agility, comfort and safety. With special training programs MdynamiX increases the know-how of its customers and equips them for the automotive future. 




IPO - Intelligent Process Optimization. Handwerksmanager (HWM) is a cloud software that digitally maps and simplifies the processes of a craftsman's business and creates a clear overview. It contains all the necessary components to satisfy the needs of a craftsman and reduce his administrative office work to a minimum.



vestoo.com is developing a SaaS model that enables companies to configure and operate bonus programs across channels in online and offline mode. The attractive implementation is strongly influenced by elements from the field of game design.

Applied Nano Research


We are a team that is attempting to develop an innovative wet razor using nanotechnologies. There have been no real innovations in this global billion-dollar market for decades. With our idea, we are going to change that. Prototypes are in the works. 




At Mixtable, you and 2 of your friends meet 3 new people - and not just any people. Users can sign up online at www.mixtable.com with Facebook and are matched based on their information. In a very uncomplicated way, both groups of friends meet in the evening in a bar on a previously selected day and have a cool evening. Our credo: Don't waste time online, have fun offline!




TalentCity represents a marketplace for services, whereby members can act both as service providers and as customers. In line with the motto "TalentCity - Everybody can do something!", we would like to motivate private individuals in particular to offer their services (e.g. tutoring, advice, support, repairs, etc.) to the general public. On the other hand, TalentCity users can of course also search for specific services based on certain criteria and make appointments for them directly with the service provider.



We are Bookaplace and we think it's a shame when great locations are not used in the best possible way. That's why we simply bring nice people together with the perfect event location. Bars and clubs for glittering parties, conference rooms for business and castles for fairytale weddings. We don't have the moon yet, but we're working on it...



JOBONAUT is a new application platform, founded from the student environment; by students for students and young professionals! WITH US YOU CAN find suitable jobs for you in a more result-optimized and transparent way! YOU WILL NOT find temporary employment agencies and job brokers on our platform! 




YAA is an online gallery that offers fine art and design objects by art and design students from European countries. These include paintings, photographs, objects and sculptures, but also fashion and product and industrial design, such as a piece of furniture or cutlery. These individual products, because they are created by students (hereafter students), are relatively inexpensive and offer considerable potential for development in terms of their value in all areas, but especially in the field of visual arts.  



Partyguerilla is the new generation of product marketing in the student target group and specializes in marketing WG parties in the student environment. On partyguerilla.de, students can apply from summer 2013 and receive free product support for their WG party. This creates a new marketing channel for product placements for the consumer goods industry.




Project company offers career and study guidance in practical projects. Pupils and students can embark on a search for their professional passion in real commissioned projects from companies and private individuals. They go through a joint creative process in interdisciplinary teams and are accompanied by professional trainers, coaches and mentors. 




We offer a virtual marketplace for regional products. Producers of agricultural products can present themselves and their goods in a profile. End consumers can view the offers that are produced in their region. The goods can be ordered directly through our site and in a later stage a free delivery can be made. This way, both sides win: Suppliers get higher margins and end customers can say with a clear conscience about the goods that they "Know where it comes from." 




RMO specializes in the development, production and distribution of road-legal sports equipment. The goal is to bring the specially developed sports equipment to the market by the end of 2015. 



We are developing a next-generation bicycle. It should be able to accommodate a bottom bracket or an electric drive and thus close the gap between mountain bikes and pedelecs. With our product, the rider should be able to make the best possible use of the advantages of both bike types and, depending on requirements, convert an MTB into a pedelec in just a few steps. The following demands on the bike are decisive for us: handling, functionality, design, performance, intuitive control.




Siqens is developing a novel fuel cell system that combines the advantages of the high-performance hydrogen fuel cell with the advantages of the direct methanol fuel cell (available and easily storable fuel). The use of the siqens fuel cell in a hybrid system as a range extender reduces the weight and cost of the energy supply and solves the range problem of a pure battery solution. 




Our product combines the haptic quality of printed photo books with the added value of digital media formats. In the future, users of the innovative solution will be able to store and retrieve their memories as photos, videos and panoramic views in the photo book.


Project Flexheel


Project Flexheel is the development of a height adjustable heel system for HighHeels. The system allows to replace the heel of a HighHeel by another one, which can vary in height, design or even color. The exchange of the heel allows woman to wear this shoe either as a flat sandal or as a HighHeel. With just one click, the HighHeel becomes absolutely comfortable for the way to work / to the party / home. This is of course also possible vice versa - the decision is ultimately yours... 




firstmile is a driving service that allows passengers to individually organize and make the most of the "dead" time spent on the road. firstmile adapts to the different mobility behavior of customers in urban areas. 



REMAsoft has spent the last 3 years developing a software solution that automatically plans projects and resources. The solution is based on an innovative technology that allows us to use artificial intelligence to achieve an optimal planning result. 






Freeletics is an online community that provides its members with high-intensity, full-body workout programs without additional weights or machines. Within the community, members can share and compare their training performance - measured by the time needed for a workout - with friends and challenge others in a workout. At the same time, the development of one's own performance can be tracked on the basis of training times. Freeletics thus adds the components of community, performance and competition to fitness. Freeletics thus helps its members achieve healthy physical fitness and an athletic appearance. 


Pizza Innovazione


Pizza Innovazione delivers the freshest pizza in town. This is made possible by an innovative delivery process in which the pizza is baked on the delivery route and delivered crispy fresh to the customer. The delivery pizza of the future is no longer afraid of comparison with the favorite Italian.






popularc.com is the first Internet portal for architecture and design services in the German-speaking world. With us, anyone can start a worldwide creative competition for their architectural design project and receive a large number of designs from our creative community in the shortest possible time. Prize money, duration and the winner of the competition are determined by the client. Following the creative competition, the client receives verified offers for implementation, as well as product proposals from our registered process and product partners. An early networking of all stakeholders involved in the project already in the design phase is our goal - "Open Innovation" and "Open Architecture".






MyRoomStyle is the first website to offer an inspiringly intuitive online application for the furniture and furnishings sector, with which furniture and home accessories from different online stores can be combined in a playful way and then purchased. Living ideas created in this way are shared with the community and serve as a source of inspiration for other people looking for furnishings (social shopping).




Joblifters is a portal for the placement of professional freelancers and projects from the advertising industry in German-speaking countries. Agencies and other clients receive a selection of available freelancers in the shortest possible time, who fit your deposited project. Freelancers automatically receive offers only for projects that match their wishes and that they enjoy.




With the new video card from fotovio, customers have the option of sending a video in addition to their vacation, birthday or other greetings. Record the video, upload it and send the greeting card - it's easy!




We bring e-commerce to skiing and plan Europe's largest online marketplace for ski passes. The snowbon business idea is based on the introduction of revenue management, market segmentation and online sales in the ski lift industry. 


Munich Distillers


Munich Distillers is the new spirits manufactory and experimental distillery in Munich. The distillery is completely open and designed to be experienced. Everyone who wants to can be there interactively. Thus, in addition to the attached bar and store, there will also be offers of show distilling, distilling courses and tastings in the premises in the city center of the Isar metropolis. 




We have set ourselves the goal of offering Internet users in the German-speaking world the leading customizable interface for private surfing on the Internet and to combine this with the possibility of supporting charitable or public institutions (associations, schools, NGOs, etc.) without incurring any costs for the Internet user himself. 




As a young, up-and-coming company, Deliance stands for innovative SAP solutions. Without programming, SAP customers can create customized, SAP-integrated applications in a very short time with our AppOS product. With AppOS, applications for business processes, such as innovation and event management, are realized quickly, flexibly and in high quality. 




The price search engine tixtip.com guides users to the cheapest available ticket in the fastest possible way - regardless of whether it's a concert, comedy or sports event. The offers are displayed as final prices including the respective booking and shipping fees, so that the user can see at a glance where his ticket is cheapest. 

sira munich


We advise companies on the subject of company childcare. From the needs analysis to the planning and realization of a company childcare center, we take over the project management and thus help to tie up as few resources as possible in the company. Our goal is to simplify the combination of family and career for employees as well as to strengthen employee loyalty and reduce the loss of know-how in the company. 




SPYRE stands for the combination of innovative LED technology with individual design. For this purpose, the SPYRE team develops a novel LED matrix and modern control technology for the production of multidimensional LED products. Areas of application are high-quality products such as individual outdoor advertising, for trade fair equipment or in the consumer sector. 




Our goal is to offer different types of people the optimal permanent motivational support for physical activity. bodyboom develops an interactive control of fitness programs in the home fitness area. 




FTAPI is the platform-independent server system for all companies that want to exchange business files effectively, securely and undamaged with customers and partners or outsource them to a storage cloud. With our products based on segmented data transfer, companies get a simple tool to meet legal regulations and growing requirements. 

www.ftapi.de | www.facebook.com/ftapisoftware

Unikat Automat


Our idea is to sell unique design and art products in vending machines. With Unikat Automat we give artists a place to market their products and themselves and make art and design easily accessible to everyone.


algae growth


We are engaged in the development and production of efficient photobioreactors for the environmentally friendly and economical production of biomass from microalgae.  This biomass will be the raw material for the production of biofuels, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or animal feed, depending on the type of algae.



Pictureplix offers high quality photo book design at affordable prices. Photo book providers distribute our service to their end customers via their websites. They can simply upload all their photos there, shortly after receive high quality designs. From this, the photo book provider prints the book and delivers it to the end customer.




LivingHub stands for an attractive responsible living culture with low resource consumption, in which the basic human needs for individuality and community are addressed in equal measure. LivingHub offers professionally organized urban living with a variety of communal spaces as well as shared resources and household-related services. 




"Unternimm-dich" aims to become THE platform for student engagement in Munich. We promote innovative projects and social entrepreneurships that produce added value for society. Students should contribute their competencies to these projects. We offer students with their own project ideas a network to realize their idea.




We are currently developing the FIRST fun sport sled for recreational use that is steerable AND has suspension at the same time. The steering is done by simple weight shifting. Since the IceDrake has carving skis instead of runners, extremely tight curve radii are possible. The suspension and damping also provide greatly improved driving characteristics and back-friendly tobogganing.



Seiratherm is developing a novel medical device for cooling down body temperature. 




Distribution of self-developed hardware/software/services in the field of energy consumption measurement.




perptuum! consult supports small and medium-sized enterprises that want to systematically anchor responsible corporate governance. For this purpose we have developed a holistic concept. This concept includes all concerns of a small / medium-sized company and by means of many creative components we achieve a tailor-made solution for the company, which is appropriate to the size of the company. Since the concept takes into account all areas of the company, the company achieves a well-founded credibility. With different, very creative building blocks within the concept, many requirements can be implemented precisely for SMEs, which makes the costs affordable even for these smaller companies.




Catify is a platform that enables companies to integrate partners and external applications (database, ERP system) into their processes without programming. For this purpose, the processes are modeled on the graphical interface of Catify.


MindGlobe GmbH


MindGlobe develops the Brainroutes Pathfinder software. It functions as a navigation device for digital knowledge. Texts, images, videos and Internet bookmarks are no longer managed in a cumbersome way with folders, but via a so-called knowledge map. The data is networked in many ways and can be retrieved or located on the knowledge map using a special search algorithm.


The Makers


The purpose is to develop a means of communication between guest and restaurant, on the one hand to simplify and improve the conventional method of reservation through an electronic tool, and on the other hand to create a recognition feature.



The LIMATA team is engaged in the focused exposure of printed circuit board substrates using high power UV LED light sources. This process, for which a patent application has already been filed, can be used in combination with a plotter as a network-capable PCB printer in laboratories and development facilities or in the PCB manufacturing industry and, thanks to the direct exposure method, works without cumbersome mask creation. The customer saves energy - material and employee costs. The UV LED plotter is much cheaper compared to laser lithography. Thanks to the LIMATA LED plotter, medium-sized companies can now carry out their prototyping themselves cost-effectively, quickly and easily without the need for specialist staff.




The team implements an idea that they conceived and developed in a seminar at HM. The blue cup is intended to inform and entertain coffee drinkers on the go with up-to-date, sophisticated knowledge.

The Daily Scratch


The Daily Scratch is an innovative home page on the Internet. In analogy to the described and painted walls in the public space, the visitor can leave messages here on a virtual surface, which he "scratches" directly with the mouse. The next visitors see the latest message. To view the messages, they can move over the surface and zoom in and out.


LED Aquaristik


The company LED Aquaristik wants to offer a lighting solution for marine and freshwater aquariums, which, through consistent use of LED technology, clearly distinguishes itself from the previous market of aquarium lighting in terms of energy consumption and color dynamics.


OR Electronics GmbH


OR-Electronics sees its main field of activity in the development of sophisticated hardware and software for industrial use. Another goal is to support companies in project implementation with our expert knowledge or to improve already existing projects.




Pockhat - an innovative helmet concept for the urban cyclist. 




Seficon offers the continuous and inexpensive measurement of customer satisfaction. The basis is the newly developed survey device OMOD, which can be placed e.g. at the checkout. The OMOD collects customer feedback fully automatically and transmits it to Seficon. Regular reporting takes place on this basis. It contains valuable real-time information on the development of customer satisfaction and thus serves as an early warning system for the management or as a basis for store comparisons. 


Masterwerk GmbH


The idea is to produce a radiant heater with independent aesthetic forms, according to the needs. Potential customers are consumer goods manufacturers who use the radiant heater "Firepillar" in the catering industry.




Zukunftsgeräusche is a project, initiated by students from various universities and disciplines, for the examination of spatial conditions and forms of publication. The aim of the projects is to assert, discuss and analyze content in an expanded, public space. 


SolarShare GmbH


SolarShare was founded in June 2008 and aims to make the use of photovoltaics much easier. Our philosophy is service and safety. 20 years we comply with your wishes and give everything for a smooth process.




A party night wants to be planned, we offer unlike other photo and party communities a way to interactively dive into the nightlife. With Evezap you can be everywhere live and miss nothing more.

eqbo Snowboard Binding System


With a fixed binding on a snowboard, the problem arises that the board can not bend under the binding (snowboard binding stiffens the board). A snowboard binding feature has been developed that now ensures a harmonious flex of the snowboard. The board is thus very smooth at high speeds, bumps on the slope are damped and a more effective (ab)jumping is possible. The true driving behavior of the snowboard is reproduced! 




We bring LIFE into the SHOWWINDOWS of the CITY. Clipscreen offers companies and retailers an innovative advertising concept, which presents emotional and informative advertising messages in an impressive way. With Clipscreen we offer a new medial form of addressing customers. Retailers have the opportunity to advertise on a free monitor in their shop window. We offer attractive advertising space to advertisers by splitting the monitor, which allows them to reach their customers in a targeted manner.




Studipoint offers special courses of the different university departments for students. The intensive, crash or compact courses are based on the needs of the students and are designed to facilitate the consolidation or acquisition of the lecture material. The Studipoint team aims to convince through quality, which is why one of the advantages of Studipoint is that the courses are limited to small numbers of participants. The resulting familiar and friendly learning atmosphere also rounds off Studipoint's offer in a pleasant way. 


Child Care Company GmbH


Child Care Company GmbH opens its first private bilingual daycare center on August 1, 2008 at Ungererstrasse 137, Munich - Schwabing. Our toddler care in Munich offers many additional services such as pick-up, babysitting and daycare services.


Lichtsteuerung 2.0


 We are planning to develop and market an intelligent lighting control system. It will enable the control of all standard lighting fixtures already in the room via the power grid.



Printano is an online print shop based in Ingolstadt, Germany. We specialize in printing products for business stationery and advertising needs - from pads, stationery, brochures, flyers and folders to business cards. Our customers appreciate our expert advice and trust in the quality of our products and fast delivery. In this way, we meet the growing customer demand for ordering classic print products on the Internet. Printano is backed by the Stiller brothers - two web-to-print entrepreneurs who previously built up one of Europe's leading greetings card portals with www.wunderkarten.de.