Susanna Eder

Susanna is part of the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) team since January 2021. Originally diving into the entrepreneurship cosmos with the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie (SEA) in 2015, she is now driving responsible entrepreneurship and cultural and creative entrepreneurship at SCE. Being part of 2 SCE areas, education and ecosystem development, she is able to use synergies from both international and regional projects to further develop our innovative education formats in a sustainable way, constantly striving to bring our quadruple helix innovation approach to life.

Susanna has studied (organizational and work) psychology in Vienna, Montevideo and Erlangen. She has worked freelance as a journalist and writer as well as being part of projects in the field of strategy development and research, where she also co-developed our Real Time Innovation Tool.  Before she signed up for the journey at SCE as a full-time member, she worked for the Goethe-Institut in the strategy department, dealing with organizational development, New Work, sustainability, evaluation and impact oriented monitoring.