MUAS and The SCE are EXIST Start-up Univerities

The University of Applied Sciences Munich together with the SCE are now recognized "EXIST-Academy of Excellence for Entrepreneurs" Universities.

The State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), Dr. Bernhard Heitzer, announced the winner of the "EXIST - Ethos of Entrepreneurship - Academy of Excellence for Entrepreneurs" competition, selected from 24 finalists in Berlin. Together with the SCE, the University of Applied Sciences Munich consistently placed within the leading 3 from the beginning of the competition.

The top 3 winners have been awarded the title of "EXIST - Academy of Excellence for Entrepreneurs" universities. Unique concepts developed prior to the competition may now be implemented by the universities bearing this title. The three winning universities are Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, the University of Applied Sciences Munich and TU Berlin.

Following the second and last selection rounds in January 2013, it is now certain that MUAS will remain one of the final six start-up universities representing Germany‘s higher educational system. It is also the only university of applied sciences in this group.

"We are very proud that our AHEAD concept impressed the jury," said the vice-president of the university, Professor Christine Fritze. "With this award we will be in a position to develop the entrepreneurial culture which already exists at the University of Applied Sciences Munich even further, and also to enhance the awareness that entrepreneurial thinking and action, teaching and research are able to inspire each other."

"Our culture of innovation is based on training people in the skills they need. To belong to the top three Academies of Excellence for Entrepreneurs in Germany is an honour and will directly enable us to implement new projects," commented Professor Klaus Sailer, CEO of the SCE.

"We focus on a pyramid strategy for all our activities. Fundamental to this is encouragement of an open culture of innovation within the university and with our external partners. We want to build on this by imparting skills and training people with a flair for entrepreneurial thinking. We accompany promising projects on their way to the open market. As part of our training concept students are involved in genuine projects, which they carry out in interdisciplinary groups. Innovative start-ups are supported by co-creation and provide further stimulus."

The decision in Berlin ended a phase of intensive work on Germany's entrepreneurship support centers and their related universities. The next phase-- the "EXIST IV" funding programme-- aims to concentrate more intensive funding on fewer selected universities.

In selecting these universities, an important consideration was maximizing the benefit of the funds by ensuring that the funding concept matched the structure of each university. The new concept for funding start-up businesses at Germany's universities will run over a period of 5 years, offering funding of up to 2.7 million euros.

The Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) has been affiliated with the University of Applied Sciences Munich since 2002. It offers students and those already in employment support and qualification in entrepreneurial thinking and action. Through our Founders Support service, start-up teams can access advice at any particular stage of their development or simply use the service for ongoing support. Besides supporting the development of an idea from inception to marketplace, our training programme also focuses on personal development and social responsibility in businesses.