SCE Vision – Responsible Entrepreneurship

Vision: "Responsible Entrepreneurs create a better future"

Three important statements in this vision:

  • The entrepreneurial thinking and action of personalities lead to the innovations that shape the future 
  • Progress has to aim at adding value for the society 
  • The understanding and the success factors of entrepreneurship are constantly changing

Our Mission - What we work for:

  • Promoting a university-wide and cross-sector culture of innovations
  • To shape entrepreneurial thinking and action-oriented personalities
  • Starting up an own business as a desirable and viable option for their own future 
  • Creating impulses through research
  • Building a sustainable future

Mission Statement:
The SCE is the thought leader, enabler and pioneer at creating an entrepreneurial oriented and livable society.

The SCE continuously develops a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship and sets important impulses. 

Based on the up-to-date findings the SCE develops innovative educational approaches, formats and structures that support the development of students.
The SCE makes a lasting impact at the international level.
The SCE aims on impact by co-creation and integrates this approach in all programs. 

To achieve our mission, the SCE provides education and research programs in the field of entrepreneurship, encourages innovation process and promotes the development of entrepreneurial personalities for both students and teachers. The SCE supports business start-ups and provides young companies with assistance from idea development to marketable innovation. Thus, it contributes to the future of our society and the establishment of a comprehensive start-up culture.

Whether you work in a company or want to start your own business, besides excellent knowledge, entrepreneurial thinking and action is always a key success factor. The capacity to take initiative and responsibility for ideas and projects and the development of innovations are equally essential in shaping your future working life.

Therefore, the SCE in close cooperation with Munich University of Applied Sciences provides a variety of services, for the purposes of delivering the necessary expertise in the area of innovation, promoting personal development and supporting business start-ups. In addition, the SCE and Munich University of Applied Sciences support all students, professors and alumni to realize their own ideas.

The Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) was established in 2002 as an affiliated institute of Munich University of Applied Sciences. In 2011, the SCE and Munich University of Applied Sciences were one of only six German universities to be awarded with the title “EXIST Start-up University” by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

As the Entrepreneurship Center of Munich University of Applied Sciences, we are firmly rooted in the academic world. We believe that an open community can be further promoted through having active exchange with many other partners and companies.