fIVE Female Entrepreneurship Podcast: Talk with Franziska Pohlmann – Film Director & Entrepreneur

fIVE is our brand new monthly university podcast on female entrepreneurship offered by SCE and HM - Munich University of Applied Sciences. In this episode our guest is - Franziska Pohlmann, Film Director & Entrepreneur. Learn more about our new podcast format and enjoy the episode on Spotify, Apple podcast or your favorite podcast app.

In this episode our host Franziska Mattner talks to Franziska Pohlmann. Franziska is a film director, composer and entrepreneur herself. She strongly believes in empowerment, and making great stories visible. This is how her current project – createF came to life. createF – The Female Founders Show, is a series of 12 episodes and shows the 'real' process of becoming an entrepreneur. 10 aspiring start-ups, 3 potential investors and +50 supporters on a mission to thrive and grow the amount of women entrepreneurs in Germany. Janina Mütze, Mona Mayr, Aya Jaff, Fränzi Kühne, Svenja Lassen are some of the inspiring role models supporting create F.



Empathetic, great networker, enthusiastic, courageous, passionate… – these are just a few skills that come into my mind, when I think about Franziska. In this talk, Franziska gratefully shares with us, not only what createF is all about, but also gives personal insights, into what keeps her going, where she draws her motivation from, and how she developed her self-efficacy. In research, self-efficacy, or having the self-confidence to take on challenging tasks such as creating a new venture, is proven to play a key role for whether one ‘jumps into’ an entrepreneurial career or not. But how to gain self-efficacy and trust, that ‘YOU’ are able to start your own business? Joining an entrepreneurship program (e.g. APE – Academic Program for Entrepreneurship) to learn the relevant knowledge, and skills; building up a strong support and trust network, or looking for a mentor…. Enjoy the journey!

How to build up your entrepreneurial personality? PsyCap, or Psychological Capital is defined as “an individual’s positive psychological state of development that is characterized by having confidence (self-efficacy) to take on challenging tasks, making a positive attribution (optimism) about succeeding now and in the future, redirecting paths to goals (hope) to succeed, and when beset by problems, bouncing back (resilience) to attain success” (Luthans, Youssef & Avolio, 2007, p. 3). If you want to learn more about, PsyCap or the HERO (hope, efficacy, resilience, optimism), Dianne Welsh, professor at the University of North Carolina Greensboro shares her valuable insights with you; embedded in the MOOC “Introduction to Entrepreneurship”. It’s simple to enroll and you can also get a certificate in the end

fIVE is our brand new monthly university podcast on female entrepreneurship offered by SCE and HM - Munich University of Applied Sciences. The show is presented by our host Franziska Mattner; herself a female entrepreneur, learning designer and researcher in the field of women entrepreneurship. In the episode she is speaking with Franziska Pohlmann – Film Director & Entrepreneur. Learn more about our new podcast format and enjoy the episode here or on SpotifyApple podcast or your favorite podcast app.




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