Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) 2021

The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) starts this year’s application phase and is looking for engaged students from all over the world who want to become responsible future entrepreneurs over the course of five days!

For the second time, GESS will be held virtually. This format proved to be a complete success last year. It combines hands-on, interactive methods to create lasting connections through intercultural and interdisciplinary experiences with linked-minded people.

During the virtual five-day program of the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie, students from all around the world are challenged to develop innovative, entrepreneurial solutions to real-world problems. They will focus their individual ambitions towards one common goal: utilizing the principles of "Circular Systems" to actively address climate change through entrepreneurial means.

GESS offers a unique opportunity to make an impact and create change in an international community. Hosted by organizers from four different cities (Munich, Shanghai, Cape Town and Querétaro) and inviting students from all over the world, the program will create a truly global experience. Participants drive their personal entrepreneurial journeys and learn to develop sustainable business models. The goal is to generate business ideas that have a positive impact on our world and thereby solve existing problems in an entrepreneurial way!

Why is the focus on "Circular Systems"?
Food, packaging, fashion, chemicals, plastics. We mostly live life with the oneway, "throwaway mode" on. "Circular Systems" aim to create a regenerative system that emphasizes reuse, sharing, repair, upcycling and recycling, minimizing the use of resources and the generation of waste, pollution and carbon emissions. Social enterprises should step up to this challenge and actively create a circular economy and take part in a more sustainable future for all.

Social entrepreneurs have a huge influence on our society and carry great potential to drive positive change through targeted questioning, thinking out of the box and the courage to innovate. They thus break away from the tried and tested and constantly take on new challenges.

Students can apply until May 20, 2021 via:

Have a look at the teaser video to get an impression about the program.


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