Only a few universities in Germany have their own start-up incubator like HM - Hochschule München. The incubator covers more than 700 m², of which about 200 m² are currently used as co-working space to give various teams the opportunity to network more closely with other start-up teams and thus generate various synergies.

In addition to a large number of individual team rooms and the aforementioned co-working spaces, the incubator also includes its own meeting room, which is available to start-ups free of charge. In addition, the incubator has a wide range of work equipment and presentation media such as beamers, presentation screens, mobile whiteboards, flipcharts and pinboards, which the founders are also free to use. In addition, the incubator also has its own kitchen.

Who is allowed to work in the incubator?

All teams located in the incubator are supervised by the start-up support of the SCE. Therefore, working in the incubator is only possible by prior agreement with the start-up support. The incubator is located at Lothstraße 21, 80797 Munich. If you are interested, please contact us.

Current Start-ups

In total, the Start-up League comprises around 20 start-up teams that are funded by the Proto funding program, EXIST start-up scholarship or EXIST research transfer.

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