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Current Funding Projects on Entrepreneurship at SCE and HM

Here you can find funding projects in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation that are currently being carried out at SCE and our HM - Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences. Finished projects and resulting publications can be found under Publications & Reports.

Agora (BMBF, DAAD)

The core of the Agora concept is to innovate and improve application-oriented online teaching with international partners in the context of entrepreneurship by expanding the technical infrastructure and the digital teaching concept. Agora offers the opportunity to use and further expand the network to domestic and foreign partners and to enrich the international and practice-oriented study program with additional digital formats and processes.

In doing so, a virtual 3D HM Entrepreneurship meeting and learning platform for international students, lecturers and practice partners will be established. High-quality topic-related online teaching modules from the areas of health, energy/sustainability and digitalization will be integrated and incorporated into teaching. Last but not least, the cross-national exchange of students and teachers is promoted.

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Artificial intelligence has enormous potential to positively shape the economy and society. Used correctly, we can all benefit from artificial intelligence systems. The partners of the Munich model project AI+Munich have developed a joint AI start-up process to further establish Munich as an AI start-up beacon. In the future, they will promote the AI ecosystem in the region, which is embedded in the diverse entrepreneurship activities in Munich as an innovation location.

AI+Munich aims to increase the number of startups in the field of artificial intelligence in the Munich metropolitan region by initiating entrepreneurial projects and scouting existing projects and startups and supporting them on their way to the market. In doing so, it is important to the model project partners to highlight the benefits of AI innovations for society as a whole.

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eBridge | MGIH/Start for Future (BMWK, EXIST Potentiale | EIT)

As with EXIST III and IV, we were also successful in the EXIST Potentials initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK). 

Munich Global Impact Hub (MGIH)
Together with the two Munich universities Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) and Technische Universität München (TUM) and their Entrepreneurship Centers LMU IEC and UnternehmerTUM, the Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences (HM) and the SCE submitted the project Munich Global Impact Hub (MGIH) as a cooperative application in the field "International" of the EXIST Potentiale competition. In the joint project Munich Global Impact Hub (MGIH), the three major Munich universities and their Entrepreneurship Centers combine their expertise to further internationalize Munich's start-up ecosystem and to harness start-up-initiated innovation and B2B business models for social impact - thus accelerating Munich on its way to becoming a globally visible start-up-driven and impact-oriented eco-system.
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Start for Future Alliance (SFF)
SCE and HM have also co-initiated and driven the fast-growing international entrepreneurship alliance "Start for Future" with their international network and together with European Institute of Innovation & Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Communities (EIT KICs). Start for Future is an international ecosystem alliance initiative & community of universities, incubators and EIT KICs running joint international programs for talent and start-ups, matching entrepreneurs, talent, start-ups and co-creation partners.

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To the Start for Future Community

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Entrepreneurial Skills (Stifterverband)

The project "Entrepreneurship & Innovation Introduction Days" of HM and SCE is funded by the Stifterverband program "Entrepreneurial Skills". The core of the concept is the sustainable establishment of interdisciplinary and cross-faculty "Entrepreneurship & Innovation Introduction Days" for all first-semester students at HM. The sustainable shaping of our world requires personalities who, in addition to sound specialist knowledge, also bring skills such as initiative, a sense of responsibility, courage, creativity and empathy.The introductory days offer a low-threshold, motivating and playful approach to entrepreneurship and innovation, enable students to experience self-efficacy at an early stage at the beginning of their studies and convey a variety of key competencies of an "entrepreneurial mindset" such as initiative, a sense of responsibility and creativity.

"Entrepreneurship & Innovation Introduction Days"

entreTime (European Commission, COSME)

entreTime is a new entrepreneurship education service aimed at upskilling educators within higher education institutions and upgrading their pedagogical tools on this domain by providing a comprehensive training package.

Following our specific philosophy which considers entrepreneurship as a holistic pedagogical teaching method ("teaching through entrepreneurship"), a unique academic platform for spreading entrepreneurial teaching and co-creation, also outside the traditional domain of business schools and economic faculties, will be set up and validated throughout three years of activity, engaging top level educators across Europe.

Following the philosophy "teaching through entrepreneurship", a pool of experienced professionals in the domain has developed a three-month train-the-trainer program . Join the course here:

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Euforia (EU, EIT Urban Mobility)

EUFORIA aims to establish an infrastructure that allows ecosystems to foster societal innovation in cities by igniting Urban Resilience Innovation Hubs and an associated innovation framework. The overall purpose of the proposed education activities is to close the knowledge gap within urban mobility, enabling the development of mobility for liveable urban spaces. This includes fostering innovation and entrepreneurship skills in a lifelong learning perspective.

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Impact for Future (StMWi Bavaria)

As one of six successful submissions, the joint project "Impact for Future" of the Munich partner consortium has received a million euro grant from the Bavarian Ministry of Science for "impact-oriented entrepreneurship education". With this funding, the Bavarian university partners are providing thousands of students and scientists with in-depth training in impact orientation and firmly anchoring the topic of impact and social responsibility in Bavaria's university landscape.

To Impact for Future.

Creating NEBourhoods Together (Horizon Europe)

Shaping beautiful and environmentally friendly neighbourhoods in Neuperlach together: As one of the six lighthouses for the New European Bauhaus (NEB), the project in the district will be funded by the EU from October 2022 to March 2025.

"Creating NEBourhoods Together" aims to make living and working in the city sustainable, socially just and environmentally friendly. Together with citizens, creatives and experts, ideas are developed in and for Neuperlach, prototypes are built and the founding of start-ups is supported. The ten NEB campaigns contribute to improving the quality of life for everyone and to climate protection. Public space, attractive housing, energy communities and local mobility are just as much a focus as youth culture, nutrition, biodiversity and circularity.

Social interaction in neighbourhoods and the respectful use of resources are the basis for "Creating NEBourhoods Together" to become a role model for European cities: beautiful, sustainable and inclusive!

More on NEBourhoods

Precelerator (BMBF, StartUpLab@FH)

As part of the program "Research at Universities of Applied Sciences" of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) at the funding initiative "StartUpLab@FH" SCE and HM were successful with their Precelerator concept. The Precelerator is the new Community Space for Entrepreneurship & Prototyping at HM - both digital and on-site. The goal is to provide low-threshold support for innovative students and scientists through targeted support in fuzzy-front-end processes.

Go to the Precelerator Page here.

Start-up Certificate (Zeidler Research Foundation)

The Start-up Certificate "Founding your own start-up" of the HM - Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) is made possible by funding from the Zeidler-Research-Foundation. The program is a 24-week accelerator program for the realization of one's own start-up idea including an official certificate degree in start-up. It combines start-up support and training for founders. We support projects in the pre-start-up phase or early start-up phase of all industries with consulting, budget, workplaces, workshops, events as well as networking on their way as successful founders.

To the Start-up Certificate.

Tandem+ (EU, EIT UM RIS, EIT Urban Mobility)

As part of a consortium of eight renowned European entrepreneurship actors with the Portuguese University of Aveiro in the lead, the SCE won the project "Tandem+" to raise the potential of entrepreneurial higher education institutions in Europe. Tandem+ aims to harness the entrepreneurial potential of European higher education institutions and paves the way for an international Open Entrepreneurship Alliance for social impact in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Central elements of Tandem+ are "Train the Trainer" and micro-credential programs for the network partners, with a special focus on countries from the Regional Innovation Scheme of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

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THEI 2.0 (European Commission, Erasmus+)

THEI 2.0 is dedicated to the question of how educational institutions can become more entrepreneurial and innovative. For this, THEI2.0 offers a collection of unique resources for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) that want to become more entrepreneurial. The project offers a toolbox for educational institutions to understand and raise their profile and to get concrete recommendations and steps to do so.

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TraCCE, European Commission, Erasmus+.

At TraCCE we are developing a digital training program (MOOC) for Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship in a European consortium. TraCCE helps teachers as well as learners to build up necessary skills and knowledge about entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative sector. The flexibly adaptable training and learning material can be used in courses and workshops as well as clicked through online, independent of time and place. Within the TraCCE partner consortium, we are building a community for cultural and creative entrepreneurship that continues to grow.

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Completed Projects, Reports & Publications

Here you will find information about completed projects from the past and final reports as well as publications that resulted from them.

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