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SCE Newsletters and Event Notifications

Register here for our newsletters and event announcements.

All interested parties, whether students or not, are cordially invited to our events. After registration you will immediately receive a confirmation email with an activation link. Thank you for your interest.

Information and examples of our newsletters:

SCE Newsletter: The SCE Newsletter is published about ten times a year. It contains news about our start-ups and from all SCE areas, event information and dates. SCE Newsletter

Event Start-up Support (Innovation Café): At irregular intervals, you will receive invitations to start-up-relevant events and participation offers such as our free monthly Innovation Café. It is interactively dedicated to topics relevant to start-ups, which are presented by experts and is aimed at founders and those interested in entrepreneurship. At the beginning, you can pitch your own start-up ideas. Example

Teaching and qualification events: At irregular intervals, you will receive invitations to free events, participation offers and information on a variety of open teaching events and formats for students and, in some cases, also for professionals. Example

Press Newsletter: At irregular intervals you will receive current press releases and news about start-ups in various fields (technical or social, product or service), educational policy, entrepreneurship teaching and research. Example

Research Events: At irregular intervals you will receive information and invitations to events and conferences, publications and news about research topics and projects at SCE and Munich University of Applied Sciences. Example

Precelerator Newsletter (Community Space): You will receive information (texts, videos) and invitations to events of the Precelerator - the Community Space for Entrepreneurship and Prototyping of SCE and HM Hochschule München at irregular intervals. Example