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Education & Qualification

We offer multifaceted training for entrepreneurial thinking and acting that is practise driven, personality focused, transdisciplinary, team oriented and includes external partners and companies. We encourage you to participate in entrepreneurial activities and offer you a vibrant network and community with abundant opportunities to pursue your own ideas and to develop viable options for your future.

Start-up Programs

From an innovative idea to a successful and growing start-up: Take a look at the world of start-ups and get inspiration and motivation for developing ideas as well as competent support for building your own start-up. Exciting events and competitions for people interested in founding a company as well as feedback in the start-up consultency or intensive support in our pre- and accelerator programs on the way to product launch, funding and matching with strong corporate partners await you. Take advantage of the opportunities to pursue your own ideas in the dynamic network of experienced founders and experts from HM and SCE and to develop and scale your project, your start-up and your team even more successfully. We offer you access to proven programs in start-up funding and a valuable network of other start-ups and companies.

Research Opportunities

Work on cutting-edge entrepreneurial concepts in our research institute, create impulses for applied sciences and profit from insights in our scientific community. Find out which entrepreneurial potential lies within your research results and innovation projects.

Partner Offers

We love co-creation. Whether regional, national or international, great ideas and innovation emerge from networks. We are always looking forward to new partners to shape and co-create a livable future. Therefore we help companies build an entrepreneurial culture by bringing companies, start-ups and students together on joint projects, educating future intrapreneurs and co-creating with innovative startups.

International Programs

We are part of a fast growing international community and are active in international networks and institutions. Many of our education, research and start-up programs are open to international students, entrepreneurs, scientists and founders, and German start-up teams and students can get to know exciting international start-up ecosystems through our programs. We involve a wide range of international partner universities, companies and experts in our programs.