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Our vision:

Our mission:

Based on this conviction, we see the SCE as a thought leader, enabler and pioneer in shaping an entrepreneurial and livable society, as well as a supporter and networker of successful start-ups.

Our guiding principles

What we work for:


  • university-wide and cross-university culture of innovation
  • entrepreneurial thinking and acting personalities
  • Start-up as a desirable and feasible option for one's own future
  • impulses through research
  • a future worth living

Mission Statement

  • The SCE continuously develops the understanding of entrepreneurship and sets important impulses.
  • Based on the findings, the SCE develops innovative educational approaches, formats and structures that promote the further development of students.
  • The SCE creates sustainable impact on an international level.
  • The SCE operates through co-creation and integrates this approach across all programs.

To achieve our mission, the SCE offers educational and research programs in entrepreneurship, fosters innovation processes and the development of one's entrepreneurial personality in students and faculty alike. The SCE supports start-ups from science and accompanies young companies from idea development to marketable innovation. In this way, it contributes to shaping the future of our society and to establishing a comprehensive start-up culture.

No matter if you want to work in a company one day or if you want to realize your own business - in addition to excellent technical knowledge, entrepreneurial thinking and acting are among the factors for success. Taking the initiative and responsibility for ideas and projects is just as indispensable as developing innovations in order to be able to actively shape the future in your future working life.

For this reason, the SCE, in close cooperation with the Munich University of Applied Sciences, of which it is the Entrepreneurship Center, offers a variety of courses that provide the necessary know-how and competencies in the areas of innovation, personal development and starting your own business. In addition, the SCE and the Munich University of Applied Sciences support all students, professors and alumni in realizing their own ideas.

As the Entrepreneurship Center of the Munich University of Applied Sciences, we are firmly anchored in the university community. Active exchange with many other partners and companies promotes an open community.