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Start-ups of the Start-up League

All start-ups currently supported at SCE together form the Start-up League.

Across Property

Across Property – One Step Ahead

Across Propertyis a software that provides commercial support for real estate investments. Based on current market…

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baind – The central energy nervous system

baind is the central nervous system for smart energy management in buildings. Here, artificial intelligence…

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ecomates- SMART-DEGRADER - turns organic waste into biogas

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Future Weeks

Future Weeks- Working together for a sustainable business

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GasVisor - Smart Gas Ordering System

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Relief from intramuscular pain at the touch of a button.

HEALYXZ is a wearable and smart patch that relieves pain for people who suffer from…

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i3-Earth - Make it yours

i3-Earth is a Web3 startup that has big visions in identity, ownership and utility, creating a new space in the NFT sector…

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LaGaCon – The adventurous way to learn a foreign language fluently 

LaGaCon is a new developed serious game concept that combines learning a foreign…

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MEDEA Biopharma

MEDEA Biopharma – Next Generation of Sustainable & Advanced Antimicrobials

MEDEA Biopharma revolutionizes the antimicrobial industry, providing a new…

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micro factory

micro factory - fast, high-quality serial parts at the push of a button

micro factory is a fully automated production unit for duroplastic components…

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NOXON - A smart T-shirt.

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numi. – smart and easy product take back


numi. offers a SaaS solution that enables consumer good brands to set up smart and user-friendly take back…

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Omegga – a non-invasive, spectral solution for in-ovo sexing of chicken embryos.

Omegga enables the detection of the sex of chicken embryos through…

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PACKMATISCH – The automated grocery store where you can easily buy cheap products all the time

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Point Twelve

Point Twelve – The single touch point for H2 producers to manage green certification.


Point Twelve supports the commercial success of producers of…

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puppet – creating augmented reality

There is no software that allows easy creation of AR content. We decided to create our own application with the…

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