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Start-ups of the Start-up League

All start-ups currently supported at SCE together form the Start-up League.

Across Property

Across Property – One Step Ahead

Across Propertyis a software that provides commercial support for real estate investments. Based on current market…

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Agra Check

Finding digital solutions for farms

AgraCheck is an information and comparison platform for digital agricultural products that helps farmers digitize…

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Anisai – Unlock a new dimension

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Art Glove

Art-Glove - Your hands best friends

Art-Glove is a self-massaging glove that uses vibration and air pressure to relieve hand pain and stiffness for…

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baind – The central energy nervous system

baind is the central nervous system for smart energy management in buildings. Here, artificial intelligence…

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Breathing Bricks

Breathing Bricks – Take the world and paint it GREEN!


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cellva ingredients – Better ingredients that cultivate the future


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Checkademia - Get inspired, find your passion!

Checkademia is the AI-based study choice coach that helps prospective students discover their passion…

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CircON - Circular packaging on demand

CircON offers closed-loop packaging solutions for "to-go" applications to reduce packaging waste in urban waste…

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Clearchain - Safer and quicker tracking system for agri-food companies

Clearchain is a blockchain-based tracking system. We tackle the critical…

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Compas Solutions

Compas Solutions - develops digital models which brings simplicity in complex products

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ComplyMarket – a centralized platform that enables buyers & suppliers to find product compliant components & materials


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Confly – Configuration on the fly

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The startup cStream manufactures innovative fluid handling pumps whose performance in terms of weight and volume is many times higher than that of…

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The ideal sleep aid for all those who need restful sleep after a hard day.

The first Dreamz Sleep Drink facilitates falling asleep and promotes…

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ecomates- SMART-DEGRADER - turns organic waste into biogas

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EGO - Ego 2 Save is the definitive mental health mediator!

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Entust - The digital marketplace for passion and learning

Entust is a peer-to-peer sharing economy platform that helps talents and passion seekers…

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FLIZZ - The 'smart' Check24 for bikes


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The predictive maintenance platform for process flows

Flowsight develops software for intelligent process optimization through predictive maintenance…

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