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Our Topics, Values and Areas of Activity

We are convinced that entrepreneurship provides both the mindset and the tools for individuals and society as a whole to make a decisive positive contribution and generate impact. Innovation and the right use of technology are important keys for the development of adequate and sustainable answers to the numerous challenges of our time and our society.

Against the background of these guiding ideas, we act in our focus & research topics and innovation areas.

In the section Funding Projects you will find current projects that are supported by our partners and sponsors.

Focus and Research Topics

What makes educational institutions entrepreneurial and what does entrepreneurial teaching look like? How can we generate more impact? What are the conditions for success of dynamic real-time innovation processes? What does fruitful collaboration between companies and start-ups look like? What role does systemic thinking play in the consideration and development of ecosystems? These are the questions we address in our research and practice.

Focus & Research Topics

Guiding Principles of our Actions


Our actions are driven by our vision of "Responsible Entrepreneurship". This claim is reflected in our guiding principles. We are committed to them because we believe they are crucial for the development and preservation of a world worth living in and a sustainable society in which prosperity and fairness, sustainability and success, entrepreneurship and social responsibility are positively linked.

Our Principals

Key Innovation Areas

We place a special focus on these areas of innovation. In these areas in particular, SCE has in-depth topic expertise and an established cross-ecosystem co-creation network of partners, companies and experts.

Key Innovation Areas.

Funding Projects

Here you will find funding projects in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation that are currently being carried out at SCE and Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences. Finished projects and resulting publications can be found under Publications & Reports.

Funding Projects