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At the SCE, students of the HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences find an attractive range of courses that are integrated into their study plans and for which they earn ECTS points. This can take place as a compulsory, elective or free module depending on the course of study. We not only provide students with relevant knowledge on the subject of entrepreneurship, but also encourage entrepreneurial activities and projects.

Beyond theoretical study content, the curricular teaching offers, for example, practice-oriented and interdisciplinary Real Projects, which specifically promote the entrepreneurial thinking and actions of the participants through interdisciplinarity and open-ended corporate projects. In addition, you will also find an English-language project-based international master's degree and many other exciting options in our curricular offerings.

Curricular entrepreneurship education offerings include courses that are integrated into your degree program and/or for which you earn ECTS credits, as well as stand-alone courses leading to a professional degree. The courses are usually interdisciplinary and practice- and team-focused.