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"30 under 30 Europe" - Electric Flytrain co-founder Tobias Kahnert on Forbes 2023 list

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Every year, the business magazine Forbes publishes lists of the currently most important entrepreneurs from all over Europe. A total of ten industries are highlighted, and 30 young people are selected from each. One of them, in the list "Manufacturing & Industry", is Tobias Kahnert, Co-Founder and CEO of Start-up League Alumni Electric Flytrain.

HM alumnus Tobias Kahnert wrote his bachelor's thesis in "electrical engineering-electromobility" at Tesla. There he was hired and helped bring the Model 3 to market. Kahnert is subsequently doing his master's at Cambridge University on sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels in aviation before founding his own startup in 2019.

Ambitious goals Electric Flytrain was funded for the first few years through small grants and startup programs like the SCE Startup Certificate. The company has since raised a total of €2 million in grants and funding, as well as more than €500,000 in revenue. The founders' goal: to electrify aviation. They want to develop overall electric operations for aircraft engines that emit less CO2 than fossil fuels. In doing so, they want to provide the basis for commercially viable electric flights.

Two-pronged work strategy Flytrain is pursuing two parallel strategies to produce electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems. To understand the problems faced by aircraft manufacturers while networking within the industry, they are developing customized solutions for companies in the electric aircraft industry. At the same time, the Flytrain team is developing its own products for the aviation industry.

30 Under 30 Now, Forbes magazine has taken notice and is ranking him among the "30 Under 30 Europe" 2023 for his entrepreneurial achievements. Forbes is an English-language business magazine that nominates 30 people under 30 each year. To do so, the jury sifts through thousands of submissions and other sources. Criteria such as funding, sales, social impact, inventiveness and potential are decisive for inclusion. Kahnert, 29, received his spot for founding a company that could change aviation for good.

Text: Jessica Thalmann