AI+MUNICH: the Munich Innovation Ecosystem launches freely accessible online course on "AI and Responsible Entrepreneurship".

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This interactive course explains with numerous examples what artificial intelligence, sustainability and entrepreneurial thinking have in common. Click here for the course.

Do you know the difference between innovation and invention? Did you know that there is already established measurability of sustainable entrepreneurship? And that artificial intelligence plays a big role in being able to implement it at all? For a few weeks now, a joint project of MUC SUMMIT with the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship and UnternehmerTUM has already been available online: a low-threshold, interactive and yet free course for students interested in founding a company about artificial intelligence, sustainability and entrepreneurial thinking. The result is a cooperative prime example of the universities within the framework of the AI+MUNICH project, a program funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection for the targeted further development of Munich as a location towards an attractive ecosystem for founders:inside around the topic of artificial intelligence.

"Both AI and responsible entrepreneurship require collaboration and cooperation between different stakeholders, including academia, industry, and government," CHAT GPT-3, when asked what AI, entrepreneurship, and sustainability have in common.

The English-language course includes many hours of material, but is broken down into easily digestible module bites that invite regular attendance. So people can and should work through what interests them at their own pace. The course varies between text, interaction, videos, interviews, animations and quiz questions. A sample from the subchapter "New opportunities for impact": Visitors can freely select one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals that particularly interests them. For example, No. 9 - INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE. Here there are text-based references to case studies of AI-based prediction, coordination and control, and even a link to a video lecture by Dr. Ulli Waltinger, a machine learning subject matter expert from Siemens, who eloquently outlines the potential of the technology. The key message here is that really all 17 sustainability goals are served by this technology. The Educational Team around Dr. Fabian Heil was able to draw inspiration from the expertise of the numerous project partners and startups funded by AI+MUNICH. The providers draw on a large pool of sources provided by the various project partners. Among them are the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, the Social Entrepreneurship Academy, the AI Campus, and Applied AI. Curious learners will have a wealth of opportunities to dive deeper into individual aspects of the course and learn more about important core competencies in the fields of AI, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Who is this course interesting for ?

  • Individuals who want a quick, initial overview of AI, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.
  • Students who are toying with the idea of starting a business.
  • Any person who wants to learn case studies on AI without having to program....
  • ... and wants to take the opportunity to ask questions about AI application areas directly to the authors, AI+MUNICH funded startups and other course participants.


Link to the course: Link to AI+MUNICH:


AI+MUNICH is part of a nationwide AI network implemented through EXIST funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics & Climate Protection (BMWK).

Project partners are MUC SUMMIT, the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE), the Munich Center for Digital Sciences and Artificial Intelligence (MUC.DAI) at Munich University of Applied Sciences, UnternehmerTUM and TUM Venture Labs. The goal of the project is to promote innovations for responsible startup ideas with the use of artificial intelligence and to integrate them into the Munich Innovation Ecosystem. The project combines deep tech innovation with social responsibility and thus develops Munich as a national and international location for AI startups.


MUC SUMMIT GmbH was initiated in 2015 by UnternehmerTUM, Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship and German Entrepreneurship and has established itself as a reliable partner and facilitator of the Munich Innovation Ecosystem over the past years with events such as MUST Dialogues, among others. With the Munich Innovation Ecosystem initiative, MUC SUMMIT GmbH has established itself as a connecting, cooperative player that sees itself as a strategic developer for Munich's startup and innovation ecosystem and creates visibility internally as well as nationally and internationally.

Text: Dr. Fabian Heil