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AI+MUNICH Prototype Funding - Empowering the next generation of AI start-ups

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AI+MUNICH supports start-ups in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) to promote innovation density based on this future-oriented technology in southern Germany. Their mission is to make prototyping easy and affordable for teams that have not yet secured financial backing. Apply now until 28.03. for your prototype funding!


  • Up to 25k € of funding
  • Freedom in the use of the funding+
  • Little effort in applying for the funding
  • Fast approval process
  • AI Scholarship to cover your living costs
  • Not having to give up any equity in the start-up

How they support you

AI+MUNICH offers three funding options with a total volume of up to €25,000.

  1. AI Scholarship to cover your living expenses
  2. Prototyping Grant to speed up the development and testing of your prototype
  3. Expert Pool & Funding to support you with the right expertise.


AI+MUNICH supports early-phase as well as late-phase teams (equally distributed) in southern Germany. Further, it is a plus if you are a diverse team. Also, if you have already participated in AI-related competitions and won prizes.

You are qualified if

  • your solution (your value proposition) requires AI
  • AI expertise is present in the core team
  • there are at least two of you as a founding team
  • your project addresses at least one of the SDGs
  • you have clearly defined an (initial) customer
  • you have defined the problem you want to solve and validated it with potential customers
  • you have developed a suitable solution to this problem and also discussed it with potential customers
  • you have defined the structure, size and competition of the market you are on

You’re not a fit if

  • you are already funded by a venture capitalist or business angel
  • you have more than 10 full-time employees
  • you’re already a stock company

Any questions? Please read through their FAQs. If your questions are still not answered, send an email to

How to get funded

Step 1: Application

Use this form to to apply quickly and easily. By April 11, you will receive feedback on whether you will be invited to pitch. The application deadline is March 28, 2023.

Step 2: Pitch Event

If you are selected, you will have the opportunity to pitch for funding in front of a panel of experts on April 25. If you are not selected, we will offer you the opportunity for a feedback interview with us.

Step 3: Feedback

Shortly after the pitch, you will receive feedback as to whether and how much funding will be provided.

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