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ecomates im BR

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The BR Bayerischer Rundfunk has produced a report about our Start-up League team ecomates. Every day, a lot of organic waste is produced and simply thrown away. A banana peel, for example, has enough energy to light a lamp for half an hour. ecomates wants to put an end to this waste of energy and developed a biogas plant that can be integrated into the household.

By converting biowaste into biogas, the energy of waste can be utilized. The start-up project of ecomates aims at bringing a small biogas plant to the market, which enables the use of the decentrally produced biowaste. This would be an important piece of the puzzle for the energy turnaround. Because in addition to solar and wind energy, there is an urgent need for weather-independent, climate-friendly energy sources!

BR Bayerischer Rundfunk accompanied ecomates for one working day. Please have a look at the report "Ecomates : Biogas for everyone" in the BR Mediathek.

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