Part-time doctorate for executives - DBI-Day 2023

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Save the date for Friday, 17 March 2023, from 10:00 to 15:00. The first part of the DBI Day will provide interested parties with an overview of the content and process of the joint part-time doctoral programme offered by the SCE and the University of Aveiro in Portugal. The event takes place virtually via Zoom. Registration at

The DBI program was created in international cooperation with the partner university in Aveiro, Portugal. With 16 faculties and 58 degree programs, the University of Aveiro offers a wide range of educational opportunities for 14,000 students. The modern designed campus is located directly on the Atlantic coast and offers researchers and students many great recreational opportunities, in addition to a diverse range of courses.

With the Doctorate in Business Innovation (DBI), you will acquire in-depth scientific knowledge about business innovation oriented towards very specific professional application fields. In addition, you will gain the ability to lead and design innovative research in a chosen business environment. Furthermore, you will sharpen your critical attitude and "out of the box thinking" to develop new products, processes and technologies.

With the Doctor in Business Innovation (DBI), you will earn a high-level PhD degree and your ticket to the international business and academic world. To earn this degree, you will conduct an evidence-based research project for your own company. For this, the University of Aveiro offers diverse opportunities to discuss substantial fields of innovation and will progressively guide your dissertation. Completion of the DBI confers the right to hold a doctoral degree.

The application includes a preliminary research proposal with a scientifically sound presentation of the research project, as well as the curriculum vitae, a copy of the diploma/master's certificate and proof of several years of professional experience.

If applicable, proof of good English language skills will be requested. This can also be provided during the application process (TOEFL IBT 100+ or IELTS 7+).

At the DBI Day, interested parties will receive an overview of the content and procedure of the cooperative part-time doctoral program, which we offer together with the University of Aveiro in Portugal. In the second part, you will have the opportunity to talk to supervising professors from the University of Aveiro and program managers from Munich, discuss your research question and register.

The event will be held in English and is free of charge.

More information about the DBI here.

Registration at and inquiries to - (089 1265 3236)