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Circular City: Stadt WEITERmachen - Co-Creation World Café am 24.05.2022

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We don't want to rebuild the city, we want to keep going! The structural development of rapidly growing cities like Munich consumes enormous resources, of which we have long known that their supply is limited. Come by to: Circular City: WEITERmachen Stadt - Einladung zum Co-Creation World Café am 24.05.2022 von 17:00-20:00 Uhr.

The specialist project "WEITERMACHEN II" by Prof. Nicolas Kretschmann, which takes place in cooperation with M:UniverCity, the innovation network of the Munich University of Applied Sciences, focuses on the future viability of the existing city. Students design a future of the existing at places with a visible history of development. Through innovative, provocative and above all urban architectural ideas, these places can prove to be a sustainable urban resource with high added value for the city and its inhabitants, in order to make Munich a Circular City. How and when can you CONTINUE with or together with us?

Co-Creation World Café on 24.05.2022 from 17:00-20:00 hrs.

In the form of a World Café you will discuss ideas, visions and drafts of the students together with other experts from business, science, politics/administration and civil society. All suggestions and discussion points will be noted directly on the tablecloths and/or addressed directly in the group. The results of the World Café will be further elaborated by the students in the seminar "Weitermachen II" and the urban design drafts will be further developed. If you are interested, the results will then be presented to you in a second workshop in June.

How does the World Café format work?

In an atmosphere that is as pleasant as possible and similar to a coffee house, small subgroups at tables exchange their knowledge, views and experiences. The participants use prepared guiding questions or theses to exchange ideas with each other at eye level across professional and organizational levels. To further stimulate or deepen the discourse, the participants change tables and groups several times during the World Café. The results are documented in the form of visualizations or texts on paper tablecloths.

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