The Juice Box - The first RV battery with CloudBMS now on Kickstarter!

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The founders of our alumni start-up team Clonck are already launching their next idea, joining the select circle of serial founders. With the "Saftkiste", the first motorhome battery with CloudBMS, they just started on Kickstarter. If you want to help to bring the future into motorhomes or even have one yourself, then support the Saftkiste, with its LiFePO4 battery of the future, on Kickstarter! Learn more here:

As the owner of a motorhome, you will sooner or later be faced with the problem of a worn-out body battery. Upgrading from a lead battery to a modern LiFePO4 battery has several advantages. A high weight saving, the doubling of the usable capacity, deep dischargeability and a high load as well as a very long lifetime.

However, there are already several suppliers of such batteries - so why do we need another one? The team of Batterieschmiede GmbH believes that this can be done better, with German quality, Dual Connect, professional cells and much more.

Another highlight, is the CloudBMS developed from scratch. Since none of the existing ones met their requirements for quality and functionality, they developed their own BMS. Recently, the first functional prototype of the CloudBMS is available - completely developed in Germany and produced in Munich. Equipped with components from leading manufacturers.

Another component of the project is the Saftkiste app developed for it (for iOS and Android).

Other functions - made possible by the CloudBMS - are already being planned, such as theft protection, a burglar alarm and a "lights left on" warning.

The Team

Batterieschmiede GmbH is a young team, mostly consisting of electrical engineers and software developers. Highly motivated to create something new, they develop both the hardware and the software themselves. If there should be a reason for complaint, they can solve even tricky problems in an uncomplicated and personal way.

As a young company they are happy about any support. No matter if it is valuable feedback or a pre-order. If you are currently thinking about buying a LiFePO4 battery for your motorhome, they would like to recommend it to you:

Opt for the juice box - it doesn't get much more refreshing than that!