Female Founders Monitor 2022 published

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The Startup Association has published the Female Founders Monitor 2022. The Female Founders Monitor (FFM) is the central study on the importance of female founders for the startup ecosystem. Based on facts and figures, the FFM raises awareness for the conditions of female startup founders, identifies current challenges and thus makes an important contribution to more diversity. Below you will find the link to the report and an overview of the most important points.

Core results:

1) Positive trend The share of female founders in Germany has risen to 20% and 37% of founding teams currently include at least one woman - but they are still clearly underrepresented.

2) Gender gap in capital In the area of growth and financing, there are still clear differences, with male teams receiving on average almost nine times as much capital as female teams from investors.

3) Investors mostly men While only 6% of female founders are active as business angels themselves, the proportion among male founders is 16% - an imbalance that increases the challenges for women in the area of financing.

4) Purpose as a driver Women's teams are characterized by a stronger focus on sustainability in their corporate strategy, and 61% also identify with the area of social entrepreneurship.

5) Compatibility hurdle The double burden of female founders with children is often at the expense of their working hours - which is another reason why 81% see improvements in the area of compatibility as a central lever for strengthening the ecosystem.

6) Initiatives are central Women founders who build their startup in a team assess the startup ecosystem particularly positively - this indicates the relevance of networks and the effectiveness of existing initiatives in the field.

You can read the entire report of the Startup Association here.
You can watch the event with the presentation of the most important core results here.