fIVE Female Entrepreneurship Podcast: in conversation with Anna-Katharina Pelzel and Jana Hollmann

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In our first German podcast episode, we welcome Anna-Katharina Pelzel, co-founder of new work campus, together with her SCE start-up consultant Jana Hollmann in the podcast studio. Anna gives us insights into her start-up process and tells us how she made the step from being an employee to being self-employed and how the start-up consultancy helped with the further development of her product idea "trabayolo". Jana and Anna discuss what security means, the challenges of starting a business, and how you can also be economically successful with socially-oriented product ideas. In keeping with our motto fIVE, Anna gives us five tips for students with start-up plans. Be excited! Instead of getting discouraged when brainstorming ideas, Anna urges us to think positively because "this is the best idea ever because..." - Listen in!

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Anna-Katharina Pelzel founded her start-up new work campus together with Nico Hauschke in 2020. With their collective, the two want to combine education and business to implement effective and sustainable networking concepts for joint learning and development. This is also how they came up with the idea for their product "trabayolo," a digital platform that helps young people shape their own path in life. They are supported in this by Jana Hollmann at the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship. Jana works as a startup consultant at SCE, where she guides individuals and teams through the startup process. In this podcast episode, Anna and Jana talk about their collaboration and experiences with start-up consulting, challenges in the start-up process, and self-determination in everyday work.