fIVE meets FOUNDress: Talk about EXIST with the founders Miriam Corcoran and Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger

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EXIST - I'm sure many in the start-up scene have already heard of it. But what are the experiences of female founders with this funding? To find out - for the first time in collaboration with the FOUNDress Podcast of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, for which Prof. Dr. Karina Sopp interviews female founders on a monthly basis - we have invited two exciting EXIST scholarship holders to report from their perspective. This time we are joined by Miriam Corcoran, Co-Founder of MiViA, which is funded by EXIST Research Transfer I, and Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger, Co-Founder of OMIND platform and Managing Director of OMIND consulting, from whom we can learn more about the EXIST Founder Fellowship. Listen now!

EXIST funding has many advantages: Founders receive financial and material support so that they can concentrate on their start-up project. However, the application process alone requires a lot of time and effort. Is it worth it? In Aurelia and Miriam's experience, it is. Not only because of the financial support, but also because this intensive application phase also contributed a lot to the team growing together and the business idea being sharpened. Both entrepreneurs agree that good teamwork is essential for a successful start-up - and Aurelia and Miriam also have exciting insights and tips for aspiring founders, which they share with us in this episode. It's worth a listen! Enjoy another exciting episode of fIVE!

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