LIONS Monitor - Survey on Digital Sovereignty of Companies

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The University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich is conducting a survey on the topics of resilience and digital sovereignty as part of the LIONS research project. Are you a decision-maker:in a company? Then please take part in the survey:

The survey is part of the research activities of the research project "LIONS", which is funded by the Center for Digitization and Technology Research of the German Armed Forces ( LIONS builds technical and analytical competencies, provides a laboratory environment with infrastructure for DLT of realistic size, and builds a community of Bundeswehr, government agencies, and private industry. Indicators and tools for analysis, design, and implementation of DLT-based information systems and their contribution to resilience and digital sovereignty are developed, taking into account three perspectives of analysis: (1) individual, (2) supply chain, and (3) society.

The survey addresses end decision makers, such as CEOs or owners of companies, and is dedicated to the topics of resilience and digital sovereignty. The survey is completely anonymous and there will be no publication or sharing of individual data sets, only statistical analysis across all data sets.

If you are a CEO, owner or similar decision-maker in a company and would like to support the research by participating in the survey, you can find the online questionnaire at