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One of the biggest challenges for startups is the search for a suitable space. Once a potential location has finally been found, high investment costs, long-term leases and expensive rents represent further major hurdles that often delay or even completely prevent a start-up. The start-up SHQUARED has developed and implemented an innovative approach to this problem, which is particularly important in the test and start-up phase of start-ups in urban areas:

SHQUARED has made this theme of "space" its own and is passionate about creative urban development, creating space where there is none without building a single square meter of new space. The core of this idea is the mediation of commercially used spaces for multiple uses. To this end, a digital platform has been developed that can be used to broker commercial space for shared use. In this way, a new urban planning instrument for intensifying the use of existing resources is to be established. SHQUARED brings together space operators who would like to share their space outside their own usage times with users who are looking for a space for their concept in multiple use. In this way, existing infrastructures are used more efficiently and individual self-realization and participation in urban development and design are made possible. At the same time, responsible and resource-conserving actions are cultivated, access to infrastructures is facilitated and social differences are reduced.

New CHANCES for founders:in: Shared commercial spaces offer the opportunity to test and develop projects in real operations at low risk. The platform offers stores and sales areas, catering businesses and kitchens or production facilities, event spaces, sports, training or office spaces, which allow a variety of uses. SHQUARED supports with group liability insurance, sample contracts and know-how as well as through appropriate social media accompaniment. To find suitable area partners, all you need to do is register free of charge. If you are interested in an area partnership, the platform offers a chat option for an uncomplicated exchange and for the documentation of agreements as well as a cost-effective group liability insurance for the required period.

Your CHANCE: SHQUARED accompanies 3 ventures into multiple use! Register with your venture on and if you find a suitable space on the platform, they will accompany your pop-up, your business idea, your product. Profit from: - advice on the subject of multiple use, - lawyer-checked sample contracts for multiple use, - an optimal business liability insurance tailored to the required period. -> and additionally: exclusive coverage via their newsletter, social media channels and website.

To participate, register with your plan on the SHQUARED platform and email

Wondering how this works exactly? See for yourself with the example of "urban design and self-realization" BAAAL, the initiative for intermediate and multiple uses in Munich, Berg am Laim, was developed as part of the EU-funded project "work&act 2.0". On behalf of the Münchner Gesellschaft für Stadterneuerung mbH (MGS), SHQUARED was entrusted with supporting the preservation of lively neighborhoods and business centers. To this end, tradespeople, creative professionals and other committed individuals were called upon to try out their concepts in unused or only partially used commercial spaces. Attractive and committed users were found via the SHQUARED Marketplace. This includes, for example, a dance school that temporarily bridged the time until the completion of its new location in a club that was only used on weekends, as well as a foyer of a newly built commercial complex that was only occasionally used for meetings, which offered space for the Pop Up Weeks and provided space for many innovative start-ups to exhibit their products, their art and their knowledge. The interaction with the population from the neighborhood was also a first step towards integrating the new building ensemble into the neighborhood.