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Real Time Innovation - Card of the week "Offen für andere Ideen"

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"Real Time Innovation" is an innovation approach that illuminates implicit knowledge and success patterns for innovation processes in the social and entrepreneurial environment and makes them usable through a set of cards and a canvas. Today we present the next card: "Open to other ideas". Each card represents a success pattern for one dimension in the innovation process. More info here.

With the card set, success patterns of one's own organization can be identified in a practical and at the same time scientifically based manner and creatively used for innovation processes. "Real Time Innovation" is thus a helpful tool in dealing productively with uncertainty and constant change.

The card set is used for planning and reflecting on entrepreneurial innovation processes. The novel Real Time Innovation canvas helps as an innovation radar for detailed planning and implementation of concrete innovation processes in and between organizations. Real Time Innovation" was developed and built on the basis of numerous interviews with innovation experts, innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Today we would like to introduce you to the next card in the card set:

The CARD:Open for other ideas

The corresponding PATTERN: Impulses from outside are important in order not to remain trapped in the cage of one's own idea. Staying receptive and awake also means allowing other ideas from the team and from the network and always being ready to "let go" of your own first idea. Actively seeking new impulses, however, is also linked to being able to protect oneself from too much input and to continue to believe "egocentrically" in oneself and one's own project.

From the CATEGORY:

Sustainability and responsibility - Innovations should not only enable entrepreneurial profit, but also be effective in the long term. In order for innovation to unfold sustainably, it is central to enable experiences, to keep trying new things and to look beyond the horizon of one's own idea. Innovation always means questioning traditional solutions and focusing on the benefits for society. Only the vision of changing the world through innovative action enables sustainable social transformation. If it is possible to be clear about what the innovative idea and product could ultimately achieve, then I am also open to other ideas and ready for change. This is a good starting point for starting small, but thinking big and sustainable.

How does the 'Real Time Innovation' map set and canvas work:

We believe that the 'Real Time Innovation' approach to innovation offers new perspectives on the process and that the resulting approaches complement and enhance existing tools. This can foster an entrepreneurial and responsible way of thinking and approach among aspiring founders and intrapreneurs.

With the novel approach we want to deepen the following principles and thereby promote a holistic understanding and their practical application:

  • Innovation processes are influenced by the interplay of the personal characteristics and experiences of the responsible actors, the quality of the idea or innovation project itself, the operational execution of the innovation process, and the eco-system.
  • Implicit patterns of action interfere with the application of known methods and often influence the success within an innovation step more than the "correct" application of existing methods and tools.
  • Innovation processes that go beyond incremental improvements are subject to temporal dynamics that require new performance metrics.

To uncover patterns of success and interrelationships in these areas, we used pattern language to extract implicit success factors and categorized them (Entrepreneurial Personalities - Team and Collaboration - Customers, Stakeholders and Eco-System - The Real Best Solution - Sustainability and Responsibility - Time and Space).

In addition, we assigned the patterns to temporal phases in the innovation process that reflect the maturity of an innovation. Each pattern, category and temporal phase are presented on a separate map. The maps make it possible to pick up individual patterns, link the patterns together or develop an entire innovation system. They inspire in a playful way, provide new insights in the implementation of innovations and lead us to a new culture of innovation.

For more information on "Real Time Innovation", please visit

The card set tool includes:

- 89 Real Time Innovation success pattern cards

- 1 Real Time Innovation accompanying booklet

- 1 Real Time Innovation Canvas (DIN A2)

- 1 Real Time Innovation Leporello - phases of innovation, categories and success patterns

- 1 Real Time Innovation Leporello - Suggestions for the use of the tool

- Canvas: The canvas "Real Time Innovation - Canvas" in the size DIN A0 (approx. 84 cm x 119 cm).

The complete set can be purchased in both English and German. You can also find information on our Real Time Innovation landing page or on Amazon as a German set or English set.